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September 20, 2021

The state has been relying upon gambling revenue to fix their budget

Delaware Gaming Commission refuses to double down on casinos

(US).- Delaware had been mulling over the possibility of the addition of two more casinos in the state. Proponents to the addition had argued that this would increase general revenue generated, while opponents had spoken out against two more casinos due to the small size of the state and the possibility of congestion.


n order to silence both parties, the Delaware Gaming Commission had come forth and shot down the idea entirely. A study on the prospect, enacted by TMG consulting, showed that there were advantages and disadvantages to the expansion. On one hand, the economy could benefit, but the contrition would be found in the job market. By flooding the demand of Delaware Casino jobs, the supply may not have been able to keep up with the market trend.

In a 5-1 sweep against the addition of new casinos, the Sports and Video Lottery Commission had voted down the plan. A new racetrack had also been thrown out the window, with the commission citing such claims that already established venues may be injured through the addition of extra gambling centers.

Delaware has been relying upon gambling revenue to fix their budget, as shown by their shift toward legalized sports betting in the state. While they aimed to have as many betting lines as USA online sportsbooks, the state had to settle for three or more game parlays on NFL.

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