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June 23, 2021

The state is facing a us$ 1.5 billion deficit over the next two years

Kentucky gambling laws may see changes in the 2010 session

(US).- The budget in Kentucky has been reaching critical levels, and state legislators are beginning to seek new ways to make up for the budget's losses, which include forms of gambling both land based and online gambling.


ith the possibility of layoffs on the horizon, a state that has been one of the most opposed to gambling may soon see revamped gambling laws that would allow video slot machines in the state.

On Tuesday, a legislative session will be held. The wave of support for legalized casino type gambling in Kentucky is looking to continue the push, as the state of Kentucky is facing a us$ 1.5 billion deficit over the next two years. Slot machines at the state's horse tracks are one of the few easy solutions in mind, which is a way to hopefully suppress tax hikes.

Budget cuts are already taking place, but both sides of the bi-partisan system are aiming to prevent more cuts, tax hikes, and lay offs. Governor Beshear seems to believe that tax increases will further damage the economy, leading the state into deeper recession. The possibility of legalized slot gaming is expected to take in taxes between us$ 200 and us$ 300 million per year.

The next session will span sixty days, and is primarily going to cover the budget. Additional legislation would include a ban on text messaging while driving, increased punishment for cockfighting, and a seal on 911 tapes under the Open Records Act.

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