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September 19, 2021

The venue will have 800 slots and 33 tables in three gaming floors

Casino Espinho has chosen Signs4U as their exclusive signage manufacturer

(Portugal).- Despite the current economic retraction, Solverde group has invested massively in Casino Espinho in order to turn the operation more competitive. The complete interior has been redecorated and all staff has been trained in order to offer better services to the players.


ené Huibers, from Signs4U Sales, said: “We have recently produced 17 brand new signs to be added to the casinos existing ones. During this process we have worked closely with our Portuguese distributor “Trade Game”. Because of the limited ceiling height we had to re-design 13 of them with a max heigt of only 60 cm. Among the new signs are some quite spectacular circular shaped ones which are built around the casinos pillars.”

Marcos Pintos from Trade Game continues; “Casino Espinho is at this point one of the most modern casinos with an attractive and comfortable gaming floor for non-smokers in Portugal. This casino has the most signs per square meter in Portugal (and probably in Europe) with an average of 1 sign per 30 machines!! Marcos states that it is proven that the most attractive machines are the ones in banks with signage over it”.

After this renovation the casino will have 800 slots and 33 tables in 3 gaming floors, a total of 220 new slots and 28 new tables have been added to the different gaming rooms. The Casino Espinho is situated 17 kilometres from the city of Oporto, the Espinho Casino benefits not only from its privileged location (by the sea) but also from the prestige of tradition.

Solverde, Sociedade de Investimentos Turísticos da Costa Verde S.A, was founded on 12 April, 1972 by Manuel Violas, leading a group of investors from the region of Espinho. Specially designed to work in tourism, in 1973 it won the concession as the gaming unit for Espinho, with the commitment to apply most of its profits in that city. The Casino de Espinho was inaugurated on 25 September, 1982. At the time of its inauguration it was the biggest in the country and possibly in Europe. Two years later, the Hotel Apartamento Solverde, with over 300 beds, was built. During that period Solverde contributed actively towards the development of tourism, sports and other social, cultural and artistic activities in Espinho.

Several infra-structures were built, such as a covered swimming-pool, a bull-fight ring, social housing, a railway overpass, primary schools and an old-age home. In 1988 the contract for the gaming concession was renewed until 2008. In that same year, there was the inauguration of the most modern Solverde Hotel, situated at Granja beach. It is considered a “five star” paradise for the excellent infra-structures, its location by the coast and the quality services provided, compared only to the best hotels in Europe.

The Casino de Espinho, as from 2001, underwent a cycle of renovation which turned it into one of the most modern in Europe. This project amounted to 14,96 million euros of which 1,246 million euros were used in the building of the bingo. In 2002, two projects were of particular relevance: the conclusion of the general renovation of the Casino de Espinho and the tourist complex in the region of Chaves, thanks to the concession of the gaming area of Vidago-Pedras Salgadas. The following year, the Solverde group also invests about two million euros in the renovation of the Hotel Algarve Casino, in Praia da Rocha. Besides it owns another 4 casinos and several hotels in Portugal.

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