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September 27, 2021

Of which 11 belong to the Metropolitan Area of Caracas

18 casinos were closed in less than seven months in Venezuela

(Venezuela).- Through different inspection procedures within all Venezuela, in less than seven months, the Casino National Commission (CNC) has definitely closed 18 illegal gambling venues.


t was reported by the national inspector of casinos, Efigenia Núñez, this week, during the closure of two venues located in El Rosal in the capital city. Besides, it remarked that, of the 18 venues closed, 11 of them belong to the Metropolitan Area of Caracas.

Besides, she said that those procedures are being made within the plan called Mission Zero Illegal Gaming, so “following instructions of the Minister of Mintur, Pedro Morejón, we find this plan that is controlling gambling venues that could be operating in an illegal way, such as bingos, casinos and slots”.

He explained that the sanctions for illegal gambling venues, according to the law of casinos, may be of up to four years of imprisonment for people in charge, facilitators or managers of those places.

He pointed that this is a procedure in which it intervenes the General Attorney of the Republic “because we are talking about a crime, and we are in the streets to guarantee legal gambling and that taxes are paid, and that the Venezuelan state may take control on the activity.

The National Inspector of Casinos pointed that in these venues “we could find the presence of money laundering, allegedly from drug dealing, and that’s why we are in this constant fight against illegal venues.” He pointed that CNC is working together with the reports of the communities and other forms of social organization to detect illegal venues.

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