International edition
September 26, 2021

The CardRoomMAGIC system maximises operator efficiency

TCS John Huxley announced CardRoomMAGIC debut at Access All Areas

(US).- Demonstrating its powerful Poker Room system for the first time at Access All Areas, TCS John Huxley announced the addition of CardRoomMAGIC to its extensive worldwide product portfolio.


ardRoomMAGIC offers Casino operators, Card Clubs and Gaming Venues complete control of all poker games played under the same roof. This innovative gaming system provides complete automation of labour intensive administration, offers greater security, reduced wastage and delivers better service and communication to all players. Player entries, re-buys/add-ons, breaks and prize money are all integrated, ensuring accurate and efficient accounting procedures.

In fact, all elements of tournament and cash/rake play are handled by CardRoomMAGIC from start to finish, making the system perfect for all forms of tournament. TCS John Huxley’s latest gaming system has been designed to assist players in every way, including displaying live results and statistics around gaming venues on plasma displays and allowing wireless re-buys and add-ons. In fact, as players purchase re-buys and add-ons, total prize money is instantly updated on all plasma screens around the venue, a feature proving extremely popular with both players and operators.

The CardRoomMAGIC system maximises operator efficiency through fully transparent and secure poker transactions and pre-recorded audio announcements for automated and professional public address. Casino operators are also able to store tournament, prize and blind structures and poker leagues and easily recall them for future use.

Any element of previous tournaments can be retrieved, including history reports for operational, marketing, statistical and accounting analysis and individual chip purchases for added security. More importantly, however, the system has been designed to operate from a central server, allowing same time multi venue tournaments. Players have the opportunity to compete against more contestants for increased prize money, making tournaments significantly more thrilling.

With low implementation costs and rapid return on investment, CardRoomMAGIC significantly reduces operating costs, increases revenues and improves security. Currently proving itself in busy casinos across the UK, CardRoomMAGIC is the ultimate tool to drive players’ Poker gaming forward.

Andrew Davis, Business Development Director at TCS John Huxley commented: “CardRoomMAGIC is easily the industry’s most efficient and effective tournament system, proving extremely popular with players and staff. Recently used to manage the UK section of Harrah’s World Series of Poker at LCI’s Casino at the Empire and Grosvenor’s hosting of the European Poker Tour, CardRoomMAGIC has proven itself as the leader in tournament management. Seamlessly administering player entries, prize structures and statistical reporting etc, this system is set to revolutionize card tournaments worldwide.”

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