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September 27, 2021

Statements by Jason Fitzhugh, Gemaco’s Executive VP of Sales

“We are very well positioned to sell our products worldwide”

(US, exclusive At recent G2E Las Vegas show, interviewed Jason Fitzhugh, Gemaco’s Executive VP of Sales, who commented about the products that the firm exhibited at the event and the performance it had. He also talked about the position of the company in Latin America and the strategies to keep growing in 2010.


hat is Gemaco showing here at G2E 2009?
Well, the thing we are really excited about in 2009 in G2E was the continued introduction of our new gaming chip line. We have invested in a company a year or so ago that had a lot of experience in injection molding chips, and we are pleased to introduce the product to the world market. We recently closed a a number of significant chip sales including Argosy, Riverside in the Kansas City area, a very large poker room in South Florida, and we are anxious to see that Pennsylvania expands into tables, with the playing card tables layouts and chips.
Second, as one of the world largest manufacturers of table layouts, we are always talking to clients, showing them what we can do graphically. We have an extremely quick turnaround, with very high-quality products, one of the longest lasting in the world, with manufacturing facilities for layouts both in US and Macau. All this aspects make that we are very well positioned to sell our products worldwide.
Of course, we are always happy to have Giovanni Ponson as our Senior Manager of Latin markets. A lot of our clients come from Central or South America that use our playing cards, layouts and chips.

And which is the position of the company in Latin America?
We are in a very strong position in Latin America. Giovanni has worked very hard over the last three or four years to position us as a full-service provider of gaming products as Panama has expande, as Colombia has grown, what’s going on in Argentina, and ultimately Chile. We have been very happy to participate in many of these projects and I think many of your readers will certanly be using these products or will be familiar with this, and will know Giovanni very well. So we have a good reputation for high-quality and quick service and shipping in Central and South America.

How was the show for your company?
I think the show has been very good altough the traffic is down a little bit. We noticed a much higher quality of participants, so with a lot more schedule meetings, a lot more high profile meetings with some other major gaming companies. As the economy is getting better, many of the large gaming companies are looking again resources for products that they might have put on hold earlier in this year and in 2008. So although the traffic is down a little bit, the quality is higher.

Are you planning to go other shows shortly?
Well, within the next couple of months, of course we’ll be at the IGE Show in London. We are very closely with Abbiatti in Italy,  as they are our exclusive distributors in a number of countries in Southern Europe, and so together we are further trying to develop the Gemaco brand throughout the European and African markets.

Is this the strategy of the company to keep growing?
Yes, what we discovered in the last couple of years is that you can’t manage the world market place from your corporate home office. You have to have sales offices and distributors in the key markets around the world like Europe, Macau, South America, obviously United States. So we think we are very well positioned to take advantage of the extention in the industry as the economy gets better.
The other thing we are excited to do in 2010 is that we are very commited to South American shows as well. We’ll be participating at the Panama show, the Colombia show, and we’ll be assisting to the Argentinian show again. We are very committed to those customers and beeing available to them.

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