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September 25, 2021

The iVIZION bill validator and the Sentry 2.0 bezel

JCM unveils two revolutionary products at G2E 2009

(US).- JCM Global will be unveiling two revolutionary new products in booth 2643 next week in Las Vegas: the iVIZION bill validator and the Sentry 2.0 bezel that up the ante in performance and capabilities.


hese innovative components are vital to the gaming industry’s revenue stream. First is iVIZION, which forever changes the way the gaming industry sees banknote validation. It is the foundation of intelligent validation and sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster than any comparable product in the industry.

iVIZION’s ability to see better comes from its Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology, combined with transparency and reflective sensors that scan 75 times more data points than competitive products. The result is the most powerful sensor capabilities available, giving operators a 99% + acceptance rate on valid banknotes and the most diligent counterfeit protection.

CIS captures 100% of the full front and back image of a banknote or ticket, resulting in faster banknote-to-banknote processing speed, and a 99%+ acceptance rate.  Quicker dispute resolution and validator operation comes from incorporating the Sentry bezel where slot floor personnel can see any operational error or show customers the last banknote inserted without opening the machine.

iVIZION is designed with the widest banknote path entry, allowing quicker and easier banknote insertion and can optically align the banknote’s or ticket’s image for optimum data validation and fastest processing.

Inside iVIZION is the best security combination in gaming: a combined optical and patented mechanical anti-stringing device that detects and prevents manipulation or mechanical cheating.

Backed by 20 years of JCM Global currency software development, iVIZION thinks smarter than any other bill validator. Thinking smarter starts with its RFID Intelligent Cash Box (ICB). Each transaction is captured and stored on the cashbox for the most secure and robust data reconciliation possible. This unfiltered baseline data gives a redundant source that streamlines the reconciliation process. Additionally, the ICB gives extensive, detailed reporting to slot management that is encrypted and web-enabled for easy access.

Next, its 64 megabit FLASH memory recognizes and validates more banknotes, meaning greater validation optimization. The large memory also means iVIZION is prepared to accommodate future enhancements. Its sensor package is smart enough to self-calibrate, reducing maintenance and resulting in increased uptime and maintaining a high acceptance rate. Its 600 and 1,000 banknote cash box is compatible with all current supplier cabinets and was designed at the optimum size for gaming efficiency.

iVIZION is smarter because it has a component modular design. That means when future enhancements are implemented, only the component affected would need to be replaced, not the entire bill validator. This results in greater design flexibility, reduced down time and reduced cost of ownership. Last, its barcode reader can think both horizontally and vertically, so operators now have greater flexibility in designing promotional coupons that can be accepted at the slot machine.

It runs faster than any other bill validator because it has two high-speed processors, one of which is solely dedicated to banknote evaluation. This delivers the highest acceptance rate, better counterfeit protection and open memory bandwidth for future enhancements. Its sealed 85 mm banknote path is the widest opening on any bill validator in gaming, providing easy banknote entry, and because it is sealed, the banknote path is dirt and liquid resistant, resulting in less service-related down time, lower cost of ownership and maintaining high acceptance rates.

JCM’s patented and proven removable stacker mechanism gives slot techs easy access to critical components, resulting in greater uptime and an optimum data capture. iVIZION was created with a “Blind Mate” and “Hot Swap” design for ease of access, giving operators the ability to pull components without powering down the machine resulting in greater earning uptime. 

iVIZION is fully compatible with all gaming protocols and interfaces and delivers all the industry standards for easier OEM integration. Additionally, iVIZION deploys JPL, or JCM Private Line, for transmission of custom transaction management application data and future enhancements.

iVIZION is the foundation of intelligent validation and was built to be future-proof. Because it offers both open and proprietary data protocols, the development roadmap includes implementation of Sentry 2.0 today, Managed Services tomorrow, and other operator and player enhancements in the future.

In addition to iVIZION, in JCM’s booth is the incredible new Sentry 2.0, the next generation bill validator bezel. Today, bezels play a critical role in guiding and educating the player on a slot machine via iconic symbols, flashing lights and subtle reminders. Bezels also aid floor techs with self-diagnostics and can display the denomination of the last banknote played.

The Sentry 2.0 bezel brings that interactivity to a new level utilizing high resolution, high contrast, two color LCD. The player-friendly interactive massaging is noticeable immediately, and, because it is controlled by the bill validator, absolutely no changes to the game software are necessary.

The Sentry 2.0 bezel is customizable and easily programmable so an operator can display a wide range of messages – such as the property logo or a good luck message – all in bright, fully functional two-color LCD graphics. When the bezel is in attract mode, it operates at full light intensity; when a player begins to play, the bezel automatically dims to create a more comfortable gaming experience.

The product is designed to accept banknotes and tickets up to 85mm wide, and incorporates multi-currency and multi-language support. The original release will support English, French, Spanish and simple Chinese, which can be displayed one at a time or in concert, such as English/Spanish or English/French.

Using the new IR secure JCM keyfob, Sentry 2.0 helps to quickly settle customer disputes. Attendant messages are clearly displayed at the push of a button. Events such as the last banknote in are shown on the display. Key items such as the denomination, the direction of insertion (face up or down), and the elapsed time since the last banknote was inserted are shown on the LCD for both player and attendant review.

Also in the JCM booth, Samsung will be demonstrating the latest video wall technology, exploiting the world-renown Samsung LCD panels and the Magic Info software for content management. JCM will be showing its award-winning UBA and its award-winning Intelligent Cash Box (ICB), currently installed on more than 58,000 gaming devices.

The cost-conscious Vega bill validator will be shown, alongside of the world’s best printer products from JCM’s partner, TransAct Technologies. Together, the alliance of JCM Global and TransAct Technologies gives operators the “jackpot” in choice for peripheral devices.

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