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September 17, 2021

Next month, at stand 3030

CashCode to launch new CashCode One familiy extensions at G2E Las Vegas

(US).- Since the launch of the CashCode One universally global gaming validator at last year’s G2E show, Crane Payment Solutions has been working on a number of new additions for its latest product family. This year it will present its novelties at G2E Las Vegas show in November.


ashCode, now exhibiting under it’s parent firm’s moniker of Crane Payment Solutions,  the manufacturer of bill validators and currency handling devices for countries worldwide,
has themed this year’s event as The Power of ONE.

Showcased products are: OneCheck, OneTrack, CashCode one Expanded Note Cassette, r2 Banknote Recycler and Dispenser, h2 coin hopper series, f2 Free Fall Validator, CashCode one.

One such addition is the CashCode oneCheck solution.  With the joint cooperation between Crane and TITO printer manufacturer, Nanoptix comes an exciting cash management and accountability solution. It is the newest asset reporting and tracking cashbox management solution for both bills and tickets. Operators simply use a barcode scanning system to check the cashbox contents while the security cage remains closed.

At the same time, a simple press of a button prints a ticket that displays the last five bills inserted into the validator without opening the cashbox and presenting a security risk. The best part of the solution is that it’s free. There is no incremental cost to the operator.

The CashCode oneCheck benefits to the end-user (Operators/Casinos) include: Dispute Resolution. With the press of a button, the printer will produce the last 5 bills inserted report,  performance report for validator, performance and preventative maintenance report for the printer, Cashbox Audit and Performance report (CAPR) and Hot box tracking.

The firm developed oneCheck system only available with the CashCode oneM validator and the Nanoptix Paycheck 4 TITO printer. For those operators who prefer an RFID based system to track their cashbox assets, Crane will also be introducing the CashCode oneTrack solution. With a combination of embedded RFID technology in the CashCode one cashbox coupled with host docking station(s) and database, this is a completely integrated asset tracking solution. 

The solution is simple to use and easy to integrate. oneTrack improves productivity in your soft count process. First you assign a machine number to a Cashbox using RFID. Then when the Cashbox is removed by the drop team, your back office can audit contents, reset and redeploy to any other machine. No data entry is required.

Also on display will be a CashCode one expanded note cassette. This cashbox is made of the same highly durable metal/polycarbonate design as the standard 600 and 1,000 bill cassettes offered today, but this one will boast an impressive 2,500 bill capacity. This capacity is unheard of in the industry and is ideally suited to those OEMs who have custom applications whether gaming or service payment related.

For the European guests that will be attending the show, Crane will also showcase its range of CashCode and NRI products designed for the AWP market.  The r2 Banknote Recycler and Dispenser is a revolutionary payment system that accepts and validates  5 – 50 Euro bank notes. It can then store and recycle up to sixty 5’s, 10’s or 20’s to payout as change or dispense as winnings.

Now, your AWP machine can maintain longer uptimes without having coin hopper depletion. What’s more, the bank notes used to payout are the same ones the unit receives. Labor savings will also be realized by not having to refill bank note dispensers and/or coin hoppers. Now operators can feel better about accepting higher denomination bills without the worry that their coins will be depleted.

In markets such as Germany and Spain where hand payouts are not allowed, the refilling of coin hoppers for payout purposes has had quite a negative impact. The ability to pay out bills in a cost effective method reduces and/or eliminates hopper depletion which many operators experience today. In addition, the product saves on labor costs. Operators do not need to visit and replenish cash dispensers since the unit is self replenishing.
National Rejectors, Inc. GmbH (NRI) also part of Crane Payment Solutions, will exhibit its range of hoppers, the h2 series. Available in various sizes these hoppers feature a universal voltage range, cctalk or parallel interfaces and offer high-speed reliable payout, even to the last coin. NRI will also show its newest free fall validator, the f2. The f2 offers unparalleled speed and accuracy – the perfect solution for coin acceptance and recycling applications.

Since its launch a year ago at the 2008 G2E show, The CashCode one has been installed at various European casinos for the past year months showing impressive results. Crane was the first to market it’s next generation universal gaming validator one year ahead of its competitors. Now properties in North America including some in California have been using the CashCode one and plan on rolling out more units in the months to come. One product can support all currencies, protocols and voltages.

“With CashCode one, —our engineers standardized its operations to drive greater efficiencies for the end-user. CashCode one is agnostic; it can be used on any gaming machine, no matter the maker, protocol, interface or voltage. With a simple change of software, CashCode one will work. From an OEM or operator standpoint, you now have a vanilla product that can be programmed for use on whatever device it is attached. This universality drives tremendous efficiency on the slot or manufacturing floor,” said Sim Bielak, VP Sales, Global Gaming.

“Our competitive benchmarking supports our value proposition. We have done our homework. This product has been in development for three years—and we have been working on our points of differentiation and playing up our value proposition. It has gone through a stringent process to ensure it differentiates from what is out in the marketplace today,” he concluded.

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