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September 21, 2021

It represents a loss of us$ 229,757,766 for the Treasury

The incorporation of 40% of the illegal market asked in Mexico

(Mexico).- Different actors of the gaming industry in Mexico requested the Tax Administration Service to incorporate the 40 % of the illegal market and represents a loss of us$ 229,757,766 for the Treasury, due to tax evasion.


lfonso Pérez Lizaur, president of the Association of Games and Draws Licensees, pointed in an interview that “before thinking in increasing the Special Tax on Production and Services, informal gaming should be incorporated”. 

Lizaur pointed that the games and draws market in Mexico represents us$ 3 billion annually, and has 5 million users. For each gaming terminal in Mexico, an average of us$ 53,61 is obtained, while in Argentina, the average is around us$ 459.

Pérez Lizaur stated that, if this increment was performed in the IEPS, the tax collection in the sector would be discouraged, which, around its projections, would pass from us$ 306 million to us$ 268 million, “obtaining a contrary effect to the aims of the fiscal authorities.”

This Friday, the Commission of Economy of the Chamber of Representatives will gather to rule the Law of Rights. Besides, the Special Commission of fiscal system will be in session, and will call the Undersecretary of incomes of the Secretary of Economy and Public Credit (SHCP), José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, to appear in court, in order to explain the beneficiary sectors and their functionality, pointed the President of the Commission Sebastián lerdo de Tejada Covarrubias.           

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