International edition
June 22, 2021

Positive participation of the company in the event

Comesterogroup presents a new product recent Fer Interazar edition

(Spain).- Comesterogroup, a company leader in the money treatment, after the success of its RM5 presented at Fer Interazar 2009 its RM5 HD (High Discrimination), the token machine that will amaze the market with incredible technical and functional characteristics.


etween the technical  characteristics of the last “gem” of Comesterogroup, that is the evolution of the very famous RM5, just the selective ability of the device stands out, that is unique of its kind. RM5 HD can consider a good 10 different criteria of identification of the coin, related to the frequency, wideness and  phase measures, besides the one of the diameter of the coin.

The present requirements of the market impose to the companies that deal in the money treatment to invest in the safety of their own products and to develop new devices that could assure to the operators that use it on their machines, and to the consumers also, to sleep easy.

Comesterogroup, to answer to those requirements, modifies the RM5, its most important token machine, increasing its performances and the selective ability, developing it in the version RM5 HD, the last product concerning the technology , that can combine high safety standards with incredible technical performances.

In particular, RM5 HD boast a primacy  in the speed of coin acceptance, as regards the structural typology of the token machine: it can accept a good 6 coins per second, recording a doubling of its performances in the speed of coin acceptance in comparison with the “Classic” RM5.

But the safety section warranted by the Comesterogroup token machine makes the RM5 HD a very excellent product, added to the very high technical performances: it adopts an important variety of antifraud systems in order to minimize any risk of fraud to the detriment of the machines that uses the Comesterogroup system.

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