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June 24, 2021

Betstone bets to server based technology for the Mexican development

“Server based gaming technology adoption will Put Mexico on a winning streak”

(Mexico).- Pioneer company in Server Based Gaming (SBG) technology, BetStone, predicts that Server Based Gaming technology will continue to unlock Mexican gaming potential and enable it to become one of the largest centres of gaming excellence globally. It assured that Mexican operators are choosing gaming providers among the SBG leaders in technology.


ased on its global experience and its recent presence at ELA, BetStone believes that Mexican operators understand the benefits of server based gaming technology’s potential. This includes: Embracing market maturation: As the Mexican market matures, both operator consolidation and increased competition from suppliers will occur in Mexico.

Choosing technology and content partners carefully will ensure that operators maintain critically required competitive advantage by meeting the demands of a rapidly maturing gaming market.

It also allows to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Sources of the company pointed that “Mexican operators understand the importance of future proofing their significant investment in locations and gaming equipment against changes in the regulatory environment.  The recent change from Class II to Class III highlights the importance of being able to rapidly change to meet regulatory requirements and thereby remain not only legal, but competitive.”

Besides, this technology delivers the latest Class III games to a more sophisticated player. The Mexican Gaming market predominantly consists of local players who visit gaming establishments often. They are therefore more demanding than the typical “destination player” and will not tolerate poor content.  BetStone’s server based gaming platform is designed to ensure that content is constantly refreshed and that players are continually delighted with new games and new game features.

Finally, the access to business data: Operators need to access critical information in real time to know how their games are performing. Using a Server Based Gaming platform like BetStone provides powerful business intelligence tools and Casino Management systems that enable operators to better manage their business.

“Based on our experience in the Mexican gaming market, we see the significant benefits Server Based Gaming has delivered to our operators,” said Avron Goss, CEO of BetStone. “It is our belief that we are currently running the largest Server Based Gaming operations globally, with our largest site doing over six million transactions a day with a library in excess of 90 games. Through this technology, Mexico has leapfrogged other markets that have yet to make the most of Server Based Gaming.”

“BetStone gaming machines provides the operator access to extensive game libraries and casino management tools as well as connecting to legacy systems via SAS. Betstone has years of experience in helping operators globally both understand the ease of setting up and maximising this infrastructure’s potential in the gaming market,” sources of the company concluded.

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