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September 24, 2021

Interview to Carlos Carrión, Marketing Manager Latin America of the firm

“The arrival of Aristocrat to the Mexican market will be immediate”

(Mexico).- In an exclusive interview with, Carlos Carrión announced the arrival of Aristocrat to the Mexican market, where he pointed the main products that they will commercialize, and assured that “the evolution of the Mexican market is a challenge and, to be able to consolidate its position in the country, it has been decided to set a regional office in Mexico City.”


hich is the interest that the Mexican market currently represent for an international firm with the importance of Aristocrat?
As a leading company in gaming solutions worldwide, Aristocrat considers the Mexican market as an excellent opportunity to offer operators a wide range of productos and services, positioning the brand as the preferred one among operators, as it has been dome in many other local gaming markets, and in particular, in most of the Latin American countries.

How long do you suppose it will take you to enter the market? Have you already have machines operating at a national level?
The arrival of Aristocrat to the Mexican market will be immediate. We have been working on this project for a long time and, fortunately, we have anticipated many things, so the inclusion of Aristocrat in this market is a reality. In the North of Mexico, some operators are already using Aristocrat machines with the previous MKV platforms, and titles such as “Indian Dreaming” or “Queen of The Nile”, which are considered as classics among the Mexican public. The plan is to release in Mexico a newer platform, with games totally in Spanish and a proven and guaranteed return, so MKVI platform will operate in Mexico from now on.

Which do you think will be the product that will have more penetration, or the most attractive for local operators?
Mexico is completely a local market. Many people mention the opening of gambling venues in touristic zones as an alternative and they want to see it as a touristic market, but in fact, the public that assist to the venues is local. There are people that live near this place and usually assist to the gambling venues, as an entertainment. In Mexico there are more mature councils than others with regards to gaming experience, that’s why it is also important to analyze those factors and determine the ideal product for this market segmentation. Aristocrat products are specially designed for local markets, with original games and attractive themes for everyone. However, the secret of success is based in the mathematics of each game.
We will use the MKVI platform for the Mexican market, that presents an extense game catalogue in Spanish. This gaming library in Spanish just has high return games in markets such as Australia and US, and that’s why they were chosen to be translated to Spanish. On top of that, it was demonstrated that this high performance has been constant in all the Latin American markets, consolidating this product as the most solid and with the best performance in the whole continent.
For the operator, these games will be a guarantee of high return and will not need to change the titles every semestre or less, as they do with other companies do. In each venue, Aristocrat product arrives to stay and become a favourite, so the operator increases the number of Aristocrat games with new gaming categories or just with popular titles.

Which are the expectations of the company, and why did you decide to arrive in the country Do you plan to open commercial offices there?
The evolution of the Mexican market is a challenge for Aristocrat and, to be able to consolidate Aristocrat position in the country, it has been decided to set a regional office in Mexico City to support the needs of the operators and obtain the direct preference of the players. We will soon bring you the news and the details of this opening, to celebrate this moment as the beginning of a new era in the gaming world in Mexico.

Which is the main problem that a firm like Aristocrat finds today to achieve to prevail in the Mexican market?
In fact, we do not see any inconveniente in becoming the Mexican leading company. The worldwide economic situation is a challenge, but if we work together with the main operators, we will be able to achieve that goal in short. We came to Mexico to ratify the position we have obtained in Latin America, as a solid company with the best product in the market. The experience and knowledge we have in the sector will be useful for us.

What characteristics will have the technical support and the post-sales attention that the company will offer in the country?
The installation of a regional office in Mexico includes to create a local technical support team, that will be trained according to norms of quality and certification in US. We will have Technical Support Engineers that may solve any problem, and that will be capable to teach the local personnel of each operator in the main manteinance areas. It will have an inventory of spate parts to attend in an efficient and quick way any request. We will also
count with the direct support of the head office in Las Vegas, as well as the experience of the office in Argentina for Latin America.

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