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June 21, 2021

Interview to Raúl Bouchot, PokerPro Director of Sales

“Mexico is the perfect market for our PokerTek product”

(Mexico, exclusive Raúl Bouchot, reciently appointed as PokerPro Director of Sales, granted an exclusive interview to within recent ELA 2009 to comment the products presented in the event, the feedback of the public and the markets that the firm aims to target, besides Mexico.


hich is the main product that the company presented in Mexico?
We only specialize in online poker, incorporating everything that is important for the poker player. However, we bring the customer the opportunity to almost treat it as a slot machine, because, although it is not so, it includes interviews, player cards and promotions, among other things.

Which has been the response of the public in the event?
The truth is that we would not be participating in ELA event today if it wasn’t for the new interpretation of the law that took place within the industry in May, and obviously because the Mexican market is dominated by slots. Table games do not exist, so the representation of online card games and Internet poker are valid and exist. That’s why it is a perfect market for our PokerTek product.

What happened with the rest of Latin America? Which markets will you target besides Mexico?
Until recently, our distributor in South America was Aristocrat. In the last eight weeks, and by mutual agreement, we have directly incorporated all Latin America for PokerPro. From now on, we will have a strategy for the South American market, but, on the contrary, we will target the Mexican market directly. We still don’t know how will we face the South American market, but we kow we will be there.

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