International edition
October 17, 2021

Interview to Sebastián Salat, VP and Managing Director of the company

“The Mexican market has an incredible potential for WMS”

(Mexico, exclusive Sebastián Salat, International President of WMS, was interviewed in exclusive by during the latest edition of ELA. He talked about the recent arrival of the firm in the Mexican market and the big perspectives this moves generates.


hich is the importance of the Mexican market for WMS?
We have been outside the Mexican market for a long time, because the type of product required was not in our portfolio of products. Now that they are authorized and they are available in our range of products, we can enter in this very interesting market. For WMS, it means that we are going to enter in a market of almost 70,000 machines which we did not have access so far. A great opportunity to generate addittional sales and a better growth of our company.

What kind of machines are you commercializing here?
The type of machines we are commercializing here are numbers drawing machine machines, which are considered in the current legislation. The number drawing, that may be performed in a localized way in the autonomous machine, unlike what happened previously, in which the number drawings had to be performed in a server. It does not apply to all the cases, but only to those licensees that have that possibility in their licenses.

When did WMS arrive in Mexico?
It is so recent that our first machines were sent by the end of June, so we are talking about a few weeks since the first machines left Chicago to be installed in the first Mexican casino.

Which is your opinión on the perspectives of this market?
I think the perspectives are great; this market has an incredible potential. It will have even more much potential if Segob makes more effort in eliminating illegal operations, or in
Giving battle to operators that are not operating clearly and, if they bring legal security to the operators, it will bring more investment because the market potential here is amazing. It is a market that may easily become the second or third worldwide, after US and Australia.

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