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September 17, 2021

The licenses would add 140 gaming venues

Mexican Association of Games and Draws Licensees plan more betting centers

(Mexico).- Although they estimate that in the next five years the betting centers already authorized by the Department of Interior (Segob) will have concluded its installation, the Association of Games and Draws Licensees (Apjsac) expects a new round of licences soon.


hese licenses, which are currently pending in Segob, would add 140 venues to those already authorized and a bigger number of competitors in the market, the Apjsac estimates. "There are licenses that Segob will formally acknowledge in the following months; we know they are approximately for 140 more venues,” pointed in an interview Alfonso Pérez Lizaur, President of Apjsac. "There are companies acknowledged as licensees and there are new companies,” he added.

Among the licenses in process, there are four extensions to licenses already in force for the companies Atracciones y Emociones Vallarta, Operadora Megasport, Divertimex and Petolof. Around 60 venues would be the new competitors. "We have two new addittional permits; one of them is a big license,” said Pérez, "We expect the Secretary to acknowledge it in the following months.”

This license is comparable, explained Pérez, to the size of the companies Apuestas Internacionales, from Televisa; and Administradora Mexicana de Hipódromo, from CIE. Both have 65 venues authorized.

In the new round of licenses, that expect to be authorized by the Secretary in the following months, the company Atracciones y Emociones Vallarta, which have four betting centers authorized in Jalisco, expects a new permit to expand its operations to 47 venues.

Operating company Megasport, which has the Royal Bingo brand, among others, expects a license that will add 13 more centers to the seven already authorized. Divertimex, which has operations mainly in Sonora, has 13 more venues pending, to add to the seven already authorized.

Petolof, that has a license authorized for seven venues, but that still does not have operating licenses, expects a new license to add 13 more authorizations to its list.

The licenses, explained Pérez, are delivered with the description of the state in which they will install the betting centers, however, there is flexibility by the Secretary to bring changes in its locations.

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