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October 17, 2021

According to the gaming report in Spain 2008

Spanish citizens have spent 7 % more in games of chance in 2008

(Spain).- According to a gaming report, published by the Ministry of the Interior, Spaniards have spent around 20 billion euros in private games (casinos, bingos and slots) in 2008, which means a 7.01 % more than in 2007.


f them, casinos would have decreased a 10.34%, bingo halls a 7.83%, and slots would have increased a 14.82%. The real expense is very inferior, because, to the quantities before estimated, they had to take off the return in prizes, which, in slots, is around the 70% and in bingo halls, a 62.98%

Besides, games of the Lotteries and Bets of the state (LAE) would have increased a 0.63% and ONCE would have experimented a decrease of 2.99%. There are just three Autonomous Communities (CCAA) that have decreased with regards to the total of private games: Andalucía (-3,24), Asturias (-0,26) and Cantabria (-3,84), although it is possible thanks to the huge increment of slots at a national level (to 14.82%).

The CCAA that increased most have been Galicia (54.56%), although there could be an error in the data, because there is a rise of 71.92% in slots; followed by Castilla La Mancha, with 24.22%

The order of CCAA sales is almost the same in 2008 and in 2009. The first ones are:  Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia and Andalucía; and then Melilla, Ceuta, La Rioja and Navarra.

Bingo sales are highly worrying, because sales have decreased a 7.83% together with CCAA; then Cantabria (14.50%), followed by Murcia (13.32%), La Rioja (11.98%),  Castilla-León with 11.94% and Valencia with the 11.92%. There is just one community that has increased its sales: Baleares (7.29%) and an Autonomous City: Melilla (+ 0.67).

With regards to bingo halls, in 2009 it has decreased, for the first time, of the 400 venues. Nowadays there are exactly 389 venues, it means, a 58.22% less than the existing ones.
Casino sales have decreased a 10,34%, underlining Galicia with the 21.17%, followed by Andalucía with the 15,99%. The only ones with positive signs have been Asturias (0.92%),  Extremadura (0.81%) and Melilla (8.49%)

Not only has it been a general decrease, but also an increment in the machine collection of 14.82%. Well above the average, Galicia (71.92%), Ceuta (27.89%), Castilla La Mancha (27.59%) and La Rioja with the 20.58%. The only one that brings negative results is Cantabria, with 0.31%.

Besides, ONCE, which has decreased its sales in 2008 to 2.99%, exceeds in sales to Andalucía with 57 million euros and exceeds in almost 50% the bingo sales in Castilla La Mancha and a 25% in Murcia. And almost matches the sales in Asturias, Baleares and Melilla.

Regarding LAE games, the sales of all its games almost tripe the bingo sales, exceeding them in all and each of the CCAA.

Private games had in 1990 a market share of 71,8, while in 2008 it just achieved the  62.42%, it means, it has lost 9.38 points, while LAE games in 1990 had 19.9 points and in 2008 they have the 31.10, it means, they have experimented a growth of 11.20 points. We believe there is a difference that will increase then even more, in prejudice of private games. ONCE also lost a total of 1.80 points in the 1990-2008 period.

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