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July 28, 2021

Establishing a collaborative ideation technology center for product development

WMS opens Casino Evolved Advanced Technology Lab in Chicago

(US).- WMS Gaming Inc., a subsidiary of WMS Industries, announced the opening of the Casino Evolved Advanced Technology Lab at its technology campus in Chicago, Illinois.


he CEATL is a dynamic collaborative research and development laboratory focused on advancing the development of products that highlight WMS' leadership in evolving the casino slot floor to a networked environment for the benefit of casino operators and their customers.

The new technology lab, which features products built on WMS' foundational network gaming technologies and Player Driven Innovation development process, will be used to debut new, innovative technologies and applications that clearly demonstrate how a networked gaming environment enables casino operators to increase top-line performance by consistently engaging slot players on the casino floor, while improving efficiencies and returns on capital.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS, commented, "Opening the CEATL represents a significant milestone for WMS and our customers as it clearly demonstrates the real world benefits of networked gaming. Simultaneously, it serves as a platform for the future evolution of products and services that will allow entertaining gaming content to be enabled on new platforms and in new mediums. Customer interaction is integral to WMS and our product offerings, and our approach in designing the Casino Evolved Advanced Technology Lab was to cultivate a two-way dialog with our customers, regulators and players for addressing the constantly evolving shift in player expectations and the needs of our casino customers."

Jeff Wyton, Director, Product of Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, said, "This lab is a great mechanism to allow casino operators to clearly understand WMS' strategic direction and participate in dialog focused on where opportunities or enhancements may exist. We appreciate that WMS is clearly using the CEATL as a tool to enable a whole new level of collaboration and partnership."

Larry Pacey, WMS' Chief Innovation Officer, added, "The benefits of networked gaming technologies are clear; and WMS has been proving this for several years through the successful commercial introduction of server-enabled games and technologies that raise the bar on player entertainment. As such, the CEATL is neither WMS' starting point for making the benefits of networked gaming more tangible to our customers nor the ending point, as this unique lab will continue to be updated with new and differentiated products. Importantly, the lab is designed as a collaborative ideation center that connects our leading player-focused gaming technologies with casino operator thought leaders. By collaborating with customers and players, we can refine our development activity to further improve the slot floor entertainment experience in our customers' casinos to enhance their return on investment."

The products showcased in the CEATL underscore WMS' commitment to optimize the casino patron experience by leveraging the Company's WAGE-NET platform technologies: Remote Configuration and Download, Account Based Wagering, Networked Gaming Enablement, and Patron Services. These foundational advancements further casino operators' understanding of the near-, mid- and long-term benefits of networked gaming.

Robert P. Allen, Corporate VP of Slot Operations of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Indians, stated, "By establishing the Casino Evolved Advanced Technology Lab, WMS has created an environment that clearly demonstrates their unique approach to networked gaming applications and as such makes the benefits from such products more tangible than ever. This lab is a great way for us to get a clear picture on how WMS approaches networked gaming technology development from a player's perspective, and it allows us to see the products and benefits first hand."

WMS' Central Game Controller and FreedomPort technologies are key technology features of the Casino Evolved Advanced Technology Lab. WMS' Central Game Controller technology is a distribution server that administers secondary network applications to gaming machines on the casino floor. These applications are managed by the CGC server and sent directly to the game, adding new differentiated gaming experiences and features that increase the entertainment level for players.

WMS' FreedomPort technology is a fully flexible network display interface on the gaming machine that leverages open standards to enable gaming applications, promotional messages and information relevant to the player. The FreedomPort interface is easily programmable and controlled by the casino operator, and enables the operator to host several network applications providing for multiple media systems to establish personalized content.

In addition to these technology platforms, the CEATL also features WMS' Account Based Wagering technology and GamEdge, WMS' focused loyalty management and patron services offering. Combining the robust cashless network system, which provides numerous benefits arising from its real-time, centralized transaction approach, with the ability to deploy patron services and analytical applications that personalize the game experience, enhances both player entertainment and retention.

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