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October 19, 2021

Which puts Casinos Austria in control of their national game

Cammegh celebrates successful release of its new table management technology

(UK / Austria).- Cammegh is celebrating the successful roll-out of its Billboard and EyeBall roulette display system across the entire Casinos Austria estate – a far from straightforward, but hugely rewarding project that led to the creation of Cammegh’s user friendly and powerful wheel analysis application: PitBoss.


asinos Austria first saw Cammegh’s BillBoard and EyeBall system in action at ICE, Earls Court in 2007. CA’s Head of Department, Games, Christian Richter, was immediately impressed, “The Billboard display’s graphics are excellent, giving the players a gaming experience we find they prefer.”

Following a successful trial at their Kitzbühel casino, Casinos Austria’s thoughts turned to a wheel analysis application to partner the Billboard and EyeBall Display System. For Richter, however, buying in an off-the-shelf package was not an option.

“The problem with most table analysis systems is that they are designed by software developers, not gaming people.” explains Richter. “You end up paying for features you don’t want or missing features that you need. Our understanding with Cammegh was now so good that I knew we could achieve the best system by working together as a team.”

Richter set Cammegh an important and unexpected challenge: To create and integrate a completely new wheel analysis system, tailor made for Casinos Austria’s live gaming requirements, which would enable permitted users instant access to the data from all of their tables across all their casinos, via the web from anywhere in the world.

The project signalled an interesting development in the two companies’ already harmonious working relationship, fostering a closer collaboration between client and supplier. “We jumped at the chance to work with Christian to develop PitBoss.” says Cammegh’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Cammegh. “Casinos Austria’s expertise and gaming experience enabled us to create a system that we knew would be truly useful and relevant to the casino operators’ needs.”

Acting more as consultant and advisor to Cammegh’s team of designers, programmers and engineers, Richter’s team set the exacting requirements that would govern the form and function of Cammegh’s new PitBoss and PitBoss Ti touch-screen technology.

“We had regular face-to-face meetings throughout the process.” Andrew continues, “Often our design solutions would trigger more ideas from Christian which would then push our developers and the design on even further.”

Now that the roll-out is complete, Casinos Austria has deemed the project a total success. Richter elaborates, “For me, it’s been a very good process. We have a very good relationship with Cammegh and I’m looking forward to the next projects where we can work together.”

Andrew Cammegh agrees: “It was certainly a challenge but the process enriched our knowledge of our client’s business, enhanced our working relationship with a very important customer and enabled us to create a product that really delivers in the wider marketplace. From our point of view, PitBoss has already been a spectacular success which benefited immensely from our partnership with Casinos Austria. Making the fruits of that partnership available to all our customers is the icing on the cake.”

Cammegh sees the ongoing development of these new products and technologies as being fundamental to their continued success - a point underlined by an exciting new addition to the PitBoss functionality; The ChipTree. It shows the value of each chip in play, positioning the colours with the higher values at the top of a Tree, integrated into the Billboard display panel and introduces a further element of competition amongst the

“The Chip Tree is a 2nd tier development of the Billboard and PitBoss system that grew directly from Casinos Austria’s continuing input.” says Andrew. “It’s a great demonstration of how we’re committed to improving our products by listening to the casino operators, learning from what they tell us and delivering what they need.”

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