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October 25, 2021

Interview to Eileen Stephens, Marketing Manager of BetStone in Mexico

“Mexico City proved to be an ideal location to base operations”

(Mexico, exclusive interviewed Eileen Stephens, Marketing Manager of Betstone in Mexico. She talked about the scope of the new Mexican office of the company, the aim of the opening and the position of the firm in Mexico and Latin America in general. She was also asked about the new projects that the company will have in the country.


hat will be the scope of the Mexican office of BetStone?
BetStone takes a multi-layered view to providing gaming product globally. A core value of BetStone is that of valuing our customers, and one of the key components of demonstrating this is to offer high quality service.

The Mexican office allows BetStone to provide Mexican customers with local access to our global support infrastructure and gaming expertise. A local dedicated team will enable faster response times to customer requests and more efficient day-to-day management of their server based gaming platform.  In addition, this allows us to have consistent direct contact with our customers to ensure we are providing them with products and services that need to make their operations more competitive and profitable.

BetStone’s continued investment in developing new content and powerful business intelligence tools means that local coordination and training is vital to the business and in providing seamless rollouts of content.

Which is the aim of the opening?
Latin America has some of the most dynamic and significant gaming industries globally.  Mexico in particular has one of the fastest growing markets in the gaming industry with an exciting mix of well established operators and entrepreneurs.

BetStone is proud to be part of this growth and has taken this market very seriously, investing significantly in delivering products to meet the requirements of this market.

We felt that it was important to demonstrate commitment to our operators and the region in general by investing in a local presence in Latin America.  Mexico City proved to be an ideal location to base operations with its access to talented resources combined with easy access to locations throughout Mexico and Latin America in general.

Although BetStone is a global brand we also see the need to have regional focus.  Through our Mexican office we are able to not only support our operators, but also invest in the region as we believe that local investment is vital for continued success.  It is for this reason that the new venture is wholly staffed by local personal who have been fully trained in the support of leading server based gaming technology.

Which is the position of the company in the Latin American market and, more specifically, in Mexico?
BetStone is committed to continued investment in Latin America and providing our customers with high quality products and services, having an office based in Mexico City allows us to do this.  Through our continued delivery of industry leading server based gaming technology, extensive game libraries, and fully optimised management systems the BetStone packaged solution allows us to offer our operators greater benefits and competitive advantage.

It our full intention to continue to demonstrate that BetStone is a key player in the region that will continue to set the trend in server based gaming.  It is our belief that we are currently running the largest server based gaming operations in Latin America, if not globally, with our largest site doing over 6 million transactions a day with a library of almost 100 games.

But success is not built on the past.  We therefore hope to have the opportunity to talk to Yogonet again in the near future so that we can share with you the continued success of our operators as they redefine gaming in the region through the use of our leading edge server based gaming technology.

Which will be the first projects that the firm will have there?
We have assembled a high performing team of local experts who have not only already completed their technical training but are already providing valuable support to our existing customers.  In the short period of time between opening the office and our official press release, they have already completed a number of installations and are already providing maintenance and technical support on the ground.

We are proud of this team and as our customer base grows in the region so too will the BetStone support team. BetStone is not only an investor in product, but is also an investor in people. This is demonstrated through our ability to attract and maintain talented staff globally.

As with previous years BetStone will be exhibiting at the ELA show in July of this year, visit us at our stand – No. 38 - to find out more about the BetStone offering and to see some of our exciting new products.

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