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September 27, 2021

Barney Frank’s bill is garnering more and more support

Goldman Sachs admits that the US will legalize online casinos

(US).- The strong and growing feeling in America is for the legalization and not prohibition of online gambling. More and more states are turning towards it in attempts to create extra tax dollars and the bill by Barney Frank is garnering more and more support as it gets ready for a debate in the house.


he latest show of support, or maybe not support but just good old common sense comes from Goldman Sachs. In their latest note to investors they predict that the US will regulate and legalize the Online Gambling industry.

"We believe it is logical to assume that the US market will eventually regulate," wrote Goldman Sachs in a note to investors, "given the potential implications for US tax take, if nothing else."

It seems that the next step will be to let various States legalize online casino and Poker and see what happens before a Federal level change. This makes some sense but it will create a system where the rules for both the players and the operators are different from state to state, this will then make it even more complicated to bring in a Federal mandate for the regulation of Online Gambling.

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