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September 18, 2021

Statemens by Sam Arnold, ISMS Managing Director

“G2E Macau show was extremely good for our Asian business”

(Exclusive from Macau).- interviewed Sam Arnold, ISMS Managing Director, at G2E Asia, held in Macau at the beginning of the month. He commented the activities of the company and the products showcased at the event, as well as the kind of customers the firm work with, and the balance of the show.


hat are you showing here in G2E Asia?
At G2E Asia, we are selling fully refurbished and workshop tested slot machines. That slots are all original to the manufacturers’ specifications for the jurisdiction we will purchase the equipment from, and all of the machines that our company supply are all original to the manufacturers’ specifications. That is why we have such a competitive advantage over some of our competitors who have gone out of the business recently, because of breaching intellectual copyright of the manufacturers. A lot of the clients we have a very good relationship with, have found that it is awkward or difficult to purchase machines from these companies that have breached copyright, because if they purchase machines that way, they might not keep them.
So when dealing with our company, we give a open book policy with all of our supplies. We have a very good relationship with all multi-manufacturers because we do not have anything to hide and everything that we supply is 100% original and 100% above board. A lot of our customers feel comfortable when dealing with us because we are giving them a quality product which isn’t counterfeit. Our customers are comfortable when dealing with us because they know that we are a trustworthy company to deal with. So the machines that we are displaying here are just a small selection of those we have available. Our company has a permanent warehouse and workshop facilities in New Zealand, in Australia, in Hong Kong, which is also a sales office for Asia; we have also set up a head office in London, UK. We have a warehousing facility in Antwerp (Belgium) and in Latvia, both in Europe. We also have a warehousing and an office in Panama, which we use as a distribution point for all of our customers in Latin America, and we have a sales office in Argentina, too.

And which is the most important market for your company?
At the moment, we are focusing on sales in Central America and also in South-East Asia. In these two markets we are spending a lot of time and marketing actions.

How was the show for the company?
Our company has offices around the world, and this show in Asia has absolutely no importance to our business in Latin America; it has a very little business activity in Europe, but it was extremely good for our Asian business. We have met with a lot of customers from South-East Asia, from Malaysia to India.

In terms of the Asian business, the show is very important, but for our operations in Europe and in South America is not so important, so the main thing from G2E is to give a big opportunity for the sales people from the Hong Kong office to meet with all of our customers from Asia, and at the same time, it was an oportunity for our sales people from New Zealand and Australia to come out to Macau as well.

What kind of customers do you have, for example, big operators, small operators, bingos, casinos?
In general, we have large customers, so they are operating large quantities of machines. However, at the same time, there are smaller customers that are just that important, and we sell as few as 10 machines to some customers, and in one order, we sell as many as 1,000 machines to other customers. But all of our customers are important to us. All the machines that we supply are ready to be shipped by ocean-freight or by air-freight. 

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