International edition
September 26, 2021

Marcus Prater, AGEM’s executive director

“G2E Asia itself is a kind of must attend event”

(Exclusive from Macau).- During recent G2E Asia trade show in Macau, Marcus Pratter, AGEM executive director, talked with about the objectives of the association, the current plans for 2009, and also made a balance of this years’ trade show edition, considering the particularities of the Asian market.


hat do you think about G2E Asia? It is a very particular market and also a very particular year.
This year, there are not thousands of buyers for the suppliers in Asia. It is a relatively small market. There’s Macau, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, etc, but the show seems to be good for the gathering of the who’s who in the industry. Not just buyers, I mean, there’s lot of media attention in a show like this, because people are interested in how’s the Macau market doing. From the American perspective, there’s lot of attention from Wall Street and gaming analysts and regulators. But well, the floor is not full of thousands of buyers, although the show itself is a kind of “must attend” event.

What are the current plans of AGEM for the rest of the year?
AGEM is a co-sponsor of the show. We are partners with AGA in this show, in the one in Vegas, and so we are here to wave the Asian flag for the organization itself. We are focused on adding new members growing internationally, by adding companies from outside North America. In the case of Asia, on the last few months: there are Aruze and Jumbo Technology, and Astra Corp out of Taiwan, so we are now having an Asian presence.

Which is the final objective of AGEM?
The final objective of AGEM, in the way I describe it, is, if there is any issue in the world that affects a large group of suppliers, AGEM wants to be involved. And you know, right now, most of that attention is still focused on North America because that’s where we are based and we have a lot of members based there. We tackle legislative issues, regulatory issues, trade show issues.There is a big concern of our members that we should get involved in areas where gaming expansion is taking place and, you know, over time, we want to be able to tackle those same issues outside of the United States as well.

In which countries or regions, besides North America, are you planning to expand?
We’re  active wherever our members are active, so when I am here, and I talk with Jumbo or Astra Corp, I tell them the same thing, because when there’s an issue that comes up that affects a large group of suppliers, we need to lay our eyes here in Asia. And we have the same program with our European members, such as Novomatic, Octavian, Casino Technology, TCS Huxley, and so I tell them the same thing; that if there’s an issue that affects them in Europe in which we can somehow help with, then they have to bring it to our attention and we’ll discuss it as an organization.

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