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September 20, 2021

Interview to Eric Wang, Sales Representative of the company

Borden Technology Corporation presented its products at recent G2E Asia

(Exclusive from Macau).- Eric Wang, Sales Representative of Borden Technology Corporation, granted an interview to within recent G2E Macau event. He commented the latest products that the firm showcased and the feedback received by visitors, and also about the position of the company in the Asian region, its strategy and the impact of the current global crisis.


hat are you showing here at G2E?
What we are showing is our latest product for Borden this year. We have a new roller game for double screen and a couple of new games like Huga, Beanstalk and Crazy Jungle, all new games for slot machines.

How was the feedback of the visitors?
The response is good, but this year I think the global economic crisis had an impact in the show. Our market is shrinking a 30% I think, so actually the result is not so good as it was last year.

Which is the position of the company in the Asian region?
We are manufacturing gaming software and we are also creating our own chips, motherboards and gaming signs. We also do the game design for special markets and special customers.

What are the advantages of your machines? Why do clients choose your products?
Because I think customers know our graphic, it is very famous compared with other products and other games. I think many of our customers have liked our games from the first time. The image and the solution is good so they like the products at first and, then, they will try to taste them. That’s why our clients come to us. They have always liked our graphic.

Are the table games specially thought for the Asian region?
We are still very strong in Asia, in Hong Kong, Malaysia and even China. But games are different according to the regions. America is totally different compared to Asian market. So we sell some games to America, but some games we don´t. And we sell some products to Japan or Italy, but there are others that we maintain in China only. It depends.

Are you planning to go to another show?
We go to a lot of shows in the world every year. We join exhibitions and get booths, for example, in Italy, or the ICE show in London, G2E Las Vegas, GTI Taipei, of course, and Macau. We are accustomed to join the show every year. 

How did the global economic crisis impact in your business?
I think the game rate is the most important thing. If the game rate of the game is good, then, this business will remain strong at a global level. But if your game rate cannot fit the market you want to hit, then you will lose. It is a matter of how good and how cheap your products are. If the game rate is not good, then you cannot be able to sell games.

The Asian market is very particular because most of the people like table games instead of slot machines. Which is your strategy in Asia?
Actually our strategy depends on the country. In Malaysia and Hong Kong, people like big winning. They don’t care to lose big, but they need big winnings. That happens in Hong Kong and Malaysia, even in China. But in Japan and Korea they like the game for amusement. They just want to have fun, so we won’t let people lose too much or win too much. We aim to keep a stable game rate. That’s our strategy to make the games.  

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