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October 27, 2021

Statements by Jay Bae, Chief of Sales Promotion of Hydako

“We are planning to expand our company worldwide”

(Exclusive from Macau).- Hydako presented its products at recent G2E Asia. There, Jay Bae, Chief of Sales Promotion of the firm, commented about the slots and cabinets showcased, and also about the markets targeted by the firm.


hat is Hydako showing here at G2E Asia?
We have six slot machines of 22 inches and we have a 30-inch slot machine in the slant-top style. We have 13 different game titles.

What are the advantages of your machines?
First of all, the graphic. In second place, the fancy cabinets, and in third place, different special features in every single machine, with up to ten different kind of bonus games. So I I think it is a very unique style cabinet.

Which is the most important market for the company?
The main markets are North America and Macau. Addittionally, there’s a big market for us in South America, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean.

Does the company has another office outside Asia?
We only have an office in Korea. We are planning to expand our company worldwide.

Are your games developed for the Asian region or for the global market?
Our games are developed for the global market. However, we have a Western-style game and an Oriental Style, depending on the market. The things we are exhibiting here are targeted for the Western countries, but we also have Asian themes for countries like Japan, Korea and China. But our aim is to produce products globally.

How was the show for the company?
Honestly, compared to last year, there’s not much people on the current show, but, even there is less people compared to the 2008 edition, many buyers came to our booth.

What was the feedback of the visitors at the booth?
We presented a new product which was unveiled in this exhibition. This is a new machine, a new game and a new cabinet, which is the star of the booth. It is showcased for the first time in G2E Asia, and everybody said it is unique; that nobody had this kind of cabinet. As you see, we have specific features: the mechanic figure; the reel-motion figure as well. The public said it was very interesting and very attractive. Besides that, I would like to add that the gaming industry is getting bigger in spite of the worldwide economic crisis. Our company makes slot machines, but we don’t want people to use our machines to gamble. Instead, our aim is that people have fun with them.

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