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September 20, 2021

The order was valued at us$ 2.7 million

City of Dreams opens with GPI casino currency

(Macau).- Macau's newest casino to utilize high-frequency RFID gaming plaques, according to Gaming Partners International Corporation. The firm announced the successful delivery of its order for the City of Dreams casino in Macau, which opened earlier this month.


he order, which included all of the casino's gaming plaques for their 550 table games, was valued at us$ 2.7 million.

City of Dreams, a Melco PBL Entertainment property, purchased GPI's Bourgogne & Grasset (B&G) line of gaming plaques fitted with high-frequency 13.56MHz RFID (radio frequency identification device) micro chips. The plaques were provided in a variety of styles, shapes and color combinations, available in the B&G line.

The RFID technology offered with all GPI's lines of casino currency, allows casinos to verify the authenticity and value of each chip, plaque and jeton almost instantly, reducing the possibility of counterfeits, staff pilferage or errors in casino currency counts. This technology enables casinos to track individual chips, plaques or jetons throughout the gaming floor and, with specialized readers and software, follow payments, fills and credits, table drops, tips, and win and losses per table at any time of the day.

GPI's high-frequency RFID chips are compatible with special player tracking hardware and software that allow for accurate tracking of play data from tables so casinos can follow player bets and accurately rate and reward players.

"GPI is very proud to have been a part of the successful opening of this landmark casino," said Gerard P. Charlier, President and CEO of GPI. "The City of Dreams' acceptance of RFID is a testament to the advantages of this technology and our commitment in providing the best solutions for casino currency security and tracking."

City of Dreams, Macau is just the latest Melco PBL property to implement GPI's RFID technology with its casino currency. GPI has been providing the Crown Macau and Crown Melbourne casino with RFID Casino Currency Control solutions since 2007.

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