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October 26, 2021

Interview to Joaquín González, General Manager of BMM Latin America

“BMM effort is focused in countries about to regulate, such as Ecuador, Colombia and Chile”

(Peru, exclusive Joaquín González, General Manager of BMM Latin America, talked in exclusive with and analysed the current position of the firm in the region and the strategy to achieve consolidating in such an important sector for the companies of the industry.


hich is the current position of BMM in the Latin American market?
BMM has achieved to establish solidly in regulated jurisdicitions in Latin America. We have installed latest technology labs in Lima and we are already expanding to cover all the Latin American demand. Addittionally, we have had great contact with the authorities in charge of the next jurisdictions to enter in regulated frames in the short and medium term.

How did the crisis affect your company and which are the strategies to keep on growing considering the current worldwide scenario?
BMM, as a global company that is focused on its customers, has seen in this crisis a big opportunity to help them to be pepared for the markets that will be opened after the crisis. The gaming sector, although has not been isolated from the crisis, has been less affected than other sectors, so we plan a very quick recovery.

Which are the countries that BMM plans to target in the region?
Our efforts are focused in countries about to regulate: Ecuador, Colombia and Chile. Our aim is to conclude the year with certifications in the Latin American Pacific coast.

Which are the main advantages that the firm offers? Which are the things that make the difference compared to others?
BMM is the oldest certification company in the gaming sector and was in charge of ellaborating the first certification standard worldwide, followed by many more, always
according to the reality and the need of the jurisdiction, for which we set a standard, so we have a wide experience in the issues related tocertification and standards. Besides,  BMM is the only global company with its own labs in Latin America, so the responsibility on the quality of the services is just ours and that allows us to guarantee what we offer to our customers.

You have recently assisted to FADJA exhibition. Which is the balance of your presence in BMM?
FADJA has represented a very positive balance for BMM, not just talking about marketing, but also allowed us to be closer to local designers and producers involved with the gaming industry. The exchange of experiences favours us all, helps us to plan the industry better and to understand the requirements of the sector.

In which other regional events will you be present?
Well, we are almost starting to prepare Peru Gaming Show and then we have to manage to be present in two simultaneous events: SAGSE Buenos Aires and MAGIA. Additionally, we have Mexico in mind and finally, although it is not regional, we have
G2E, in which our Latin American office is present, due to the global condition of the show, so we closed a year that is bringing us a very positive balance so far.

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