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June 22, 2021

Statements by Michael Hu, Regional Sales Manager Asia of Interblock

“There’s a new demand for electronical machines by operators in Macau”

(Macau, exclusive interviewed Michael Ku, Regional Sales Manager Asia of Interblock, within G2E Asia event, recently held in Macau. There, he talked about the products showcased by the company, the position of the firm in Asia and its performance in the show.


hat is Interblock showing here in G2E Asia?
We are showcasing the Generation 4. The machines in the casinos we have seen are Generation 3, which is very solid and has a good performance and machines worldwide, specially in Asia, for the moment. But for this show, we are pushing up the Generation 4, which is one step ahead, so we are trying to differentiate ourselves with this presentation.

Which is the position of the company in the Asian region?
Talking about the market share, in Macau, we are on the 70%. It is the major market. If we speak about Asia in general, we are talking about the multi-terminal stations, in which we are probably 75%, which is very good.

Which is the key of this?
I think, at the end of day, the machines sell themselves. I mean, the perfomance, on one hand, is operative, and on the other hand, has to do with the cash-box. The casino floor will look out how much money they make every day. So the cash box performance is important in the venues, and that’s one of the reasons. Besides that, technically it is very solid and stable. I’ll give you an example for that: We have around 350 machines installed in Asia, it means 350 times 8 terminals or stations, and in some cases, some machines have about 24 stations. But we only have two people to do the service for the whole Asia. First of all,we arranged very well because a lot of things can be solved over the phone conversation. Secondly, the machine is very stable and very solid. That’s why we can handle the service, the technical support, with the commands of two people.

These are particular markets because all the people play table games, so what is your experience with slots machines in this region?
Five years ago, when we started business in Macau, people said to me: “Michael, don’t waste your time. It is a table game market. Nobody likes slot machines”. But a few things are changing abruptly these days, especially within young people, because they like computers, they like playing electronical games and also they want to see new things. Besides, there’s a new demand for electronical machines by operators, because in Macau they didn’t have enough workforce four years ago. At that time, casino was booming and It was very difficult to find enough qualified workforce. The procedures for slot machines are absolutely the same as those for tables. For example, we have a roulette, roulette tables, Sic Bo tables, so nothing much changes; the conception of Sic Bo or roulette is similar.

Which is the balance you can do of the show?
It was a good show. G2E now is the big event in Asia. But honestly, I don’t think that the show is actually important, I say, we’d rather spend our time and our resources to be with our customers individually. It is like a party for everybody: people come in, come out, and we have to be here. But, on top of that, the customer knows our products and our people very well. We come here to present the image of the company, but our customers know us very well.

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