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October 27, 2021

With this product, more bets are being made available to customers

NX2 Macau launched by TCS John Huxley at G2E Asia event

(Macau).- Visitors to recent G2E Asia were the first to have live demonstrations of the very latest Punto Banco and Baccarat table game concept from TCS John Huxley.


ith such a low percentage hold and the standard Egalité bet not gaining the popularity of constant play, it has been difficult for casinos to hold any significant margin.

Punto Banco and Baccarat has always been a slow game, as its speed is often dictated by the players, who are either holding the shoe, squeezing the cards or slow betting. As a result, casino operators had little option but to accept the low percentage hold the game brings.

NX2 Macau lets the player bet on the winning outcome of a single coup of Punto Banco; its pay table is very attractive to players who are able to place multiple bets with high odds. A second version, NX2 Macau ‘Each-Way’, allows players to bet on the result of each hand in a single coup, regardless of whether it wins or looses. Whilst the payable odds on this version are lower, players can place a bet on both the Bank and the Player to potentially win with both.

NX2 Macau will generate higher table wagers due to more bets being made available to customers. All bets will be at higher hold percentages than the traditional game, resulting in more revenue for the operator. When there is an Egalité or tie bet, all bets on both versions of NX2 lose, increasing the amount of play Egalité receives in comparison with the standard game.

Unlike other side bets that have been placed on Punto Banco and Baccarat tables but have nothing to do with the game, NX2 Macau has been designed around the game and the customers that play it. Not only does this both add to and increase the level of interest in the original game, but also provides customers with the opportunity to place a bet on the exact result of their favourite game, however at much higher odds – this is something they have never been able to do before.

Table layout design is incredibly important especially on new games and NX2 Macau doesn’t disappoint. The stylish artwork retains full functionality to deliver maximum playability, whilst ensuring dealer ease of use and game security. For the player the design allows smooth transition away from the traditional betting pattern by offering a simple game.

NX2 Macau is the second product in the NX2 series to be launched by TCS John Huxley working with UK based Random Games Limited, who’s objective is to bring casino table games into the 21st century. It is a game that has been designed by casino operators who have a vast knowledge of not only the game but, more importantly, the customers that play Punto Banco and Baccarat.

“What sets Random Games apart from other game designers is the fact that James and Robert have both worked in the industry as casino operators, having experience in every role from dealer up to casino director. This gives them a unique perspective on the industry in that they understand better than anyone what works for players, dealers and operators alike.” said Andrew Davies, Business Development Director – New
Products at TCS John Huxley.

“Both James and Robert are well respected in the gaming industry and have held senior positions in a number of prestigious companies for many years. Matthew has a strong background in design, photography and filmmaking and his innovative take on design and graphics means he is able to bring James and Robert’s ideas and concepts to life as games that not only work well but also look good.”

“The reason why the NX2 series of games has been so well excepted in such a short period of time is because operators have instantly understood the value of the games on the gaming floor. All have said that they could not understand why these games had not been thought of before.” Random Games Limited Director, James Curwen concluded.

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