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June 21, 2021

Interview to Dora Deparis-Kohler, sales representative of BMM in Macau

“BMM has a strong position in the Asian market”

(Macau, exclusive BMM had an important institutional presence during Macau event. Dora Deparis-Kohler talked with during the show and commented the position of the company in the region and the current situation of the different Asian markets.


hy has the presence of BMM been important in this Macau event?
BMM presence in this event is always important because we have a lab that we oponed in March and here there are all the slots producers. Besides, there are the new Asian manufacturers, that are in search of the new services, in order to certify its electronic machines which may operate in casinos that are operating right here. Macau does not have the standard, so the request is relative. If you are in US, the slots have standards and have to be homologated. Here there is a very small part that must be homologated, and these are the slots according to a standard called GLI-11, so it is important for us to be here and be present, and once Macau has its own standards, we will be in this position. Because nowadays, operators do not really have standards.

Do casinos support this step?
Yes and no. Because, even they do not have them, they operate anyway, and they are satisfied.

And which are the advantages of having those standards?
The thing is that everyone has a certain line, a certain limit and everything works. The problem right now is that manufacturers have to have their slots homologated, they bring it to the casino and wand it to work with the casino system, and it is not this way, unless everything is homologated, it always needs a bit more of integration, and that is one of the services offered by BMM labs.

Beyond your presence here in the event, at a regional level in Asia. Which is BMM position?
BMM has a strong position in Asia Pacific, because in Australia we have two laboratorios, one in Macau and another one we are about to open in Singapore. This way, there are 4 labs covering all the Asia Pacific.

Which Asian country currently has standards?
In the Asian region, the only country that has standards is Singapore, and here in Macau they use just some standards that are not from the country. But for us, it is important to be here when other countries start searching for their own standards. For example, Philippines starts to see what can they do; Taiwan is a market that is opening and it is important, but they will have to have standards; in the Korea case, we still doesn’t know what is going to happen there, and finally Japan, in a few years’ time, because they are not ready yet.

The Macau market has the particular feature that most of the players gamble more to table games than machines. Does it happen in the rest of the region?
In general, yes. But everything is relative; when Macau opened to casinos, there were not so many people playing machines. It kept on changing and there is a quite important increment, but it is nothing compared to US or other markets. There are table games, in particular, Baccarat; people started playing poker and are successful in tournaments, but that card game is not a very popular game either.

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