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September 24, 2021

Interview to Patrick Magendans, International Sales Manager of Elaut

Elaut presented its new products at recent G2E Asia

(Exclusive from Macau).- Patrick Magendans, International Sales Manager of Elaut, granted an interview to within G2E Asia event, held last week in Macau, where the firm presented its products. He commented the new releases, the position of the firm in Asia and the characteristics of Macau market.


hat are you showing in G2E?
We are showing our multi-game with multi-player functions, which means that players can play on a roulette and a Sic-Bo at the same time. With the 2 in 1 Classic Sic Bo & Classic Roulette, it means that you can have increased revenue, because the player can select both games and he can bet on the roulette and on the Sic Bo at the same time. We also have a third machine, which is a live table, so in a real table, you can add stations where you also can put bets on. I can play Sic Bo and automated roulette, so here there are three games and I’m sitting at the same station. I don’t have to get up and sit on another machine.

It also means that, if you have one game which is not performing well, it’s not a problem, your station is still played because you can play on another wheel. Or if, during the week, you have a few players and on the week-end you have players who prefer rouletter or Sic bo, or vice-versa, your station is always full. Before that, you had two games, one game may be with two players and seats were empty. Now, the ten seats can be used to play another game. So we have a standard circular version; we can have 2 to 25 stations and we also have the Deluxe version.

Which is the position of the company in the Asian region?
We started 15 to 20 years ago with gaming machines and we begun with the Victory, which was a dice game with a slope. Ten years ago, we started making roulettes, and since then, we have increased, but we are a very small company; it is a family-owned business with 50 employees, and because of that, we don’t do very large advertisements. But in terms of market position, I think behind Alfastreet, Interblock and Gold Club we come in a strong fourth place; we are very strong especially in Asia with our partner RGB. In Europe, we have a few good countries, and in South America a little bit less, because there are a lot of local manufacturers and we are trying to be strong in Mexico. We have about ten machines yet and we would like to send a few hundreds, if possible. But we cannot have everything.

How was the show?
Here it was very quiet. Obviously there are two problems here. Everybody talks about the recession but I think the biggest problem here is that they don’t allow players any more as they did before. The Visas to travel for the Chinese visitors to Macau are only two or three times a year. Before that, they could come every two weeks, so there is less people in the casinos and there is less revenue, and it means there is less money or budget for games. But that creates opportunities. With our partner, we can offer a service. We say “Well, If you don’t buy the machine, let’s put the machine in operation.” That’s also a good job, because operating generates money all the time.  

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