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September 26, 2021

A tender process will renovate 1,000 slots in operation

Green light for the installation of new casinos in Uruguay

(Uruguay).- The Uruguayan government informed that a tender has been proposed to transform 29 state casinos in mixed companies, while tourist, commercial resorts and also sports centers could be installed in a gambling venue. With this system, Casinos del Estado aims to renovate 1,000 slots, around a 40% of its current slots in operation.


xcept Montevideo, the tender will comprose the venues of Casinos del Estado around the country. It will also be allowed the installation of mixed developments-societies between the state and particular parties-in areas where there are no local casinos, such as Trinidad and Florida.

The papers of the internacional tender, that were ellaborated for the National Casino Direction by the lawyer firm Ferrere Abogados, points that, if a hotel complex wishes to install a casino via a mixed system, it must by at least a four-star hotel.

The mixed system established that private businessmen invest in tourist, sports, cultural or commercial centers where a casino will be installed. It will be operated by the National Casino Direction and the investor will receive a return in concept of hiring the place. That return will be a percentage of the casino utilities.

The National Casino Director, Fernando Nopitsch, said that state officials will manage the game inside the center hired, while private businessmen will be forced to provide control, security, surveillance, maintenance, conservation and cleaning of the venues.

Those should also provide services for the promotion of the casino and perform tasks of touristic mediation to boost the visit of the public, specially tourists. The documents of the tender, which El Pais had access to, point that projects for totally new complexes, as well as existing ones in which “new investments are planned” will be able to present to the tender.

Considering the projects for existing complexes, the papers warn that the investment to qualify and the value within such tender “will exclusively be” the new development. However, they also establish that Casino Direction may be able, if the case is considered, to bring relevance to the improvement or rescue of complexes of special public interest.

When a proposal of a mixed system is admitted for a council where in its area of influence it already exists another casino operated by the Casino Direction through the traditional system, the state will evaluate and decide if it closes the other venue or not.

Nopitsch pointed that the implementation of this mixed system are not privatizations, as it suggested the trade union of officers of the central offices of the state casinos. It is, it warned, a joint effort between the state and third parties where businessmen make investments that public administration cannot do.

He explained that, of the 2,500 existing machines in the state casinos, 1,000 are obsolete. Each machine costs to the state around us$ 15,000, while a particular person must invest us$ 20,000 to acquire one, because taxes must be added to initial investment. That’s why the Casino Direction proposes that "particular parties put the money for the casino opening with new slots, but managers will be state officers,” he added.

Thursday 14th, representative Álvaro Viviano said that, if new games ate added to the Geánt venue, this will compete with the ones of Hotel Casino Carrasco, operated by a French company IMM. Nopitsch denied that such gambling venue affect such hotel.

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