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October 15, 2021

The 35% of Parque Hotel machines were seized

Montevideo Council notifies slot owners and analyzes to take legal action

(Uruguay).- Montevideo Council notified slot leasing companies to comply with their contracts, after the justice had seized around 200 slots from local casinos. It will also rescind contracts and analyzes to initiate legal actions.


he administration of Mayor Ricardo Ehrlich also studies to extend the contract that the Council has with ICM firm, which operates 50 slots in Parque Hotel, allowing the company to double the number of machines in this gambling venue.

ICM was the only one of the companies that was not sanctioned by the Customs Justice, that two weeks ago confiscated around 200 slots from Parque Hotel and Casino Carrasco, recently closed by the local Council.

With regards to the firms that were seized slots, the local council does not discard to initiate a lawsuit for damages, according to what was communicated in the Department Council by prosecretary of the council, Jorge Rodríguez, Director of Human Resources, Enrique Cabrera, and manager of municipal casinos, Hugo Gandoglia.

Bosses left clear that the council prepares a new tender to manage the casino in a different way, although they did not want to anticipate if the council will hire slots, if it will buy them, or if it will bring them to a new private party through a tender process.

According to representatives from two Political Parties (“Blancos and Colorados”), the confiscation affected the 35% of the machines from Parque Hotel. From Hotel Casino Carrasco, the Judicial power seized 55 slots belonging to Carmitel company.

"The answers we received confirm that the casino administration is still a debacle. It is pushing us to a new formal question with regards to the casino issue,” said Representative Álvaro Viviano.

Local leaders also said that the relocation of the casino, from Parque Hotel to Casa de Andalucía, will not be performed from September 1st, as previously planned.

"The council will not be able to comply with the deadlines that the chancellorship set to deliver Parque Hotel in September. They have not started the construction, they are already with previous studies,” complained the representative Viviano.

To relocate the casino to Casa de Andalucía, the local government had to remove the licensee that had been operated in this store for years. Those spaces in Parque Hotel will host the venue of Mercosur Partiament (Parlasur).

Viviano questioned the administration for collecting money for years using slots that entered in the country violating the customs. These slots, that operate since 2003, when the director of municipal casinos was Juan Carlos Bengoa –nowadays in prison-, generated a hard confrontation among former Judge of Customs Gustavo Pini and National Director of Customs, Ricardo Prato.

In February, Pini took a legal action against Prato because he considered that he hid information on slots that operated in casinos. Then, Attorney Mónica Ferrero asked the archive of the file, for understanding that, when the report was made, the Chief of Customs was still in time to present the information required.

The procedure comprised 35 slots from companies Disaro, 10 from Libretol, 4 from Metalfinish, 10 from Otor, 15 from Macale, 5 from Folway, 1 from Famostar, 30 from Flippers Andes (plus a machine with 12 terminals), 10 from Borelco and 20 from Sorvas. 55 machines belonging to the company Carmitel were also confiscated, which were located in the recently closed Carrasco casino.

Many of these contracts of the council with these companies have a deadline this year. Slots had been hired by the council during the management of the accused leader. And the justice proved that the contracts had been performed when import papers before the customs’ authorities had not been concluded.

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