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June 22, 2021

In order to adapt to the crisis

Gran Scala project reduces the first phase and searchs for new operators

(Spain).- ILD company, promoter of Gran Scala project in Los Monegros, had to revise its schedules and its financial plan to adapt to the current situation of worldwide crisis.


hat’s why ILD has reduced the size of the first phase and has started the search of new operators.

According to ILD representatives, "the worldwide crisis has affected all leisure sectors. Several important casino groups have postponed investments, as well as the developments of new projects".

In order to develop Gran Scala, ILD has started an acquisition process of 2,500 hectares in Ontiñena Council, province of Huesca. The idea is to develop “a new leisure concept”, that will combine theme parks, casino hotels, golf courses, a corporate city with convention centers, etc.

In any case, ILD partners (around fifteen companies) will not finance directly the 17 billion euros of investment planned in the project. Such number will correspond to the addition of all the investments (performed by ILD and by all the operators) once Gran Scala has been completed, in 2022.

According to the promoting company, “Gran Scala model allows to reduce the economic risks and the investment and operational costs. Each operator will be able to concentrate in its development and not in the infrastructures to be developed by ILD.”

Another key factor to initiate Gran Scala is the support of the administrations. In this sense, last April Aragon government presented the bill for High-Capacity Leisure Centers, which will regulate installations such as Gran Scala.

Besides, promoters expect the central and autonomous administration to finance three key infraestructures around the complex: a junction to “Gran Scala” in AP-2 Highway from Barcelona to Zaragoza; its own AVE station and the supply of water and energy up to the entrance of the complex.

ILD plans that the first phase of Gran Scala should be operational in 2012. At that moment, the city would already have 10 large casino hotels in Las Vegas Style (of a total of 32) with 2,500 rooms each.

Besides, three big theme parks would be in construction (of the six planned) and other tour médium-sized attraction parks (of a total of 12). Gran Scala promoters will be a place for tourists from all Europe and other countries such as India or China as well. They also insist in a fundamental idea: the size matters.

In the same line, ILD points that Port Aventura theme park “will not be a competence for Gran Scala, but a complementary destiny”. In fact, promoters explain, it would be reproducing the existing scheme in Florida, with two important centers of attraction: Tampa and Orlando.

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