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September 27, 2021

“Thriving in a Crisis” to offer gaming industry expert insight

G2E and the Fine Point Group announce free Webinar series

(US).- Global Gaming Expo (G2E) and The Fine Point Group (FPG), in conjunction with official media sponsor Global Gaming Business, announce a free Webinar series entitled "Thriving in a Crisis."


his five-part Webinar series - taking place in the months leading up to G2E 2009 and culminating at G2E 2009 - is designed to maximize learning as it progressively builds on each preceding offering and provides critical insights from industry luminaries who are facing and meeting the challenges of today's economy.

Experts will offer tips and strategies to help business remain strong despite never-before-seen competitive pressures, and explain how to survive, and even thrive, no matter the economy.

"G2E has always been committed to providing industry professionals with top-notch educational opportunities, and the 'Thriving in a Crisis' Webinar series enables us to continue that commitment throughout the year," said Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., President and CEO of the American Gaming Association. "In the current economy, it's more important than ever to obtain all the information you can to help your business and career to survive and thrive, and this series is the perfect place to get it."

"We have entered the Age of Optimization - now more than ever, the strategies for business improvement lie not in capital, but in better operations and marketing - and we will cover both extensively in this series," said Randall A. Fine, Managing Director of The Fine Point Group. "We have brought together some of the foremost experts in the gaming world to join us to offer real scenarios and real solutions to deal with the issues everyone is facing. If you're in the industry, you can't afford to miss this opportunity."
Part 1: Wednesday, May 13; 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. State of the Gaming Economy: The Facts at Hand: Why are casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City suffering more than some middle-American and international casinos during this worldwide recession? This session will examine the variable nature of the economic downturn on gaming jurisdictions around the world and discuss why, when and how long it will take for the gaming industry to rebound. A case-study property that will be examined throughout the 2009 G2E Webinar series will also be introduced and discussed.
Introductory Remarks: Frank J. Fahrenkopf, president and CEO, American Gaming Association (AGA). Moderator: Randy Fine, managing director, The Fine Point Group
Speakers will be: Alex Calderone, director, Conway MacKenzie & Dunleavy, Tom Foley, president, Foley Law Group, Bill Lerner, gaming analyst, Union Gaming Group.

Part 2: Wednesday, June 24; 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Weathering the Storm: The Era of Optimization. The age of free-flowing capital has ended, forcing the gaming industry to enter the "era of optimization." In this session, experts will discuss new financial, operating and marketing models for casino properties, including that of the G2E Webinar Series' case-study property, that squeeze every dollar of profitability from existing assets. World-class marketers will share strategies for moving the needle through differentiating offers and rewards and for getting the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Learn how casino and VIP marketing, brand marketing, PR, and entertainment and hotel marketing can work together to optimize reinvestment expenses.
Introductory Remarks: Frank J. Fahrenkopf, president and CEO, (AGA). Moderator:  Randy Fine, managing director, The Fine Point Group. Speakers: TBD

Part 3: Wednesday, September 30; 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Tightening the Reins: Effective and Efficient Cost Cutting. This session will examine how to tighten the reins without chopping out the heart of your operation. Successful industry operators will offer real world strategies for optimization, including examining labor analysis to ensure appropriate resource delivery at minimal cost; capitalizing on food & beverage, hotel and other ancillary operations; and using slot floor optimization to ensure you have the right products in the right places. The G2E Webinar Series case-study property will offer additional examples of how to cut costs while growing revenues.
Introductory Remarks: Frank J. Fahrenkopf, president and CEO (AGA). Moderator:  Randy Fine, managing director, The Fine Point Group. Speakers: TBD.

Part 4 and Part 5 to be held onsite at G2E 2009.

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