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June 24, 2021

Interview to Anton Loginov, Director of the trade show

EELEX Director talked about the future of gambling in Russia

(Russia).- Anton Loginov, Director of EELEX Expo, was interviewed by local media News4Amuse, who talked about the gambling business in Russia after July 1st, 2009, the novelties that will be presented in the trade show and the perspectives for the next edition.


ow do you think what will be with the gambling after the 1st of July 2009? How will it develop?
Since the 1st of July the act regarding casinos, slot halls and clubs will come into effect and all these establishments must move to the four gambling zones. But the zones aren't ready to start working now. That's why some organizations are trying to change the deadline until 2011-2012.  As I think casinos will be closed. Yes, it is not profitable and inconvenient and most of people don't want to leave Moscow, but on the other hand, if it does not happen now, it will never happen. The question is how much time will this period last. Here is nothing left and there is nothing ready, too. Where must the players go? What must gambling businessmen do? 

What does attract you in gambling? Can you imagine that you have to work in another sphere after the 1st of July 2009?
In my opinion, gambling business is mix of amusement and passion. Some spend their free time in casinos, others try fortune. It's wrong to think that the gambling market is a group of slot -machines in basement, gangsters near exit, retirees loosing their money. Maybe somewhere it happens, but in the whole gambling business, it is a mix of many components, as it happens in Las Vegas.  Each casino has everything: hotels, restaurants, concert, expo and conference halls, attractions (aqua parks, coasters), zoo, museums, and entertainment halls. Any casino is a small city.  And what we will do as an expo... Man played games even in ancient times. A few years ago, we showed slot-machines, roulettes, now bias in the sphere of Internet, lotteries, later will appear something else. 

How did political and economical events have an effect on the expo's development?
Not taking into consideration the Federal act regarding gambling, the most important event's crisis, I can't say that there is no demand for the equipment. It is, but not in such scale as it was before. Though it helped Russian trade companies, foreigners have started counting money, and instead of acquiring new slot machines, they buy two or three used machines.

What novelties will be presented at EELEX?
This year at expo, there will be presented new tendencies and solutions for gambling. There are Internet solutions and lotteries. Also, we paid great attention to poker development in our country. It's a sport in our country and there are no limitations for the law. 

And what differences will the show present compared with previous one?
Talking about exhibitors, it is early to speak because we are still working with many of them. But 100% will be novelties as from Russia and from foreign countries. This year, people pay great attention to the expo from the side of participants, zones, associations, visitors. 

What business programme will EELEX present this year?
Within the expo we are planning to make congress and round tables named "Gambling business in Russia after July 1, 2009: Alternatives, Perspectives and Practice". There will be four sections where will be discussed aspects in working with Internet, lotteries, bookmakers and poker.

How do you think the industry will evolve in the future?
In the 80's there was practically no business; in the 90's it was flourishing and in the middle of 2000 there was a decline, so it is possible to suppose that in future it will flourish again. Zones will be a necessity in technique, solutions and services. I find it hard to believe that in Russia everything will be closed.

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