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June 22, 2021

Onihama maker Abilit launches new variants of game

PureDepth MLD Technology drives Japanese Pachislot Game "Onihama" to massive popularity

(Japan).- PureDepth, the creator of Multi-Layer Display technology and a leader in new visualization experiences, announced that a Pachislot game featuring its patented technology has been rated by players as the second most popular Pachislot machine in Japan.


he "Onihama" pachislot game, which was introduced in November 2008 and is sold by Abilit Corporation, uses MLD technology to offer eye-grabbing images with real depth and incredible color and contrast that enhance the player experience. In response to its popularity, Abilit Corporation has recently launched a number of variants of the game.

PureDepth's MLD technology is currently available in Japan through a licensing agreement with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., which incorporates the technology into its hardware platforms for the widely popular pachinko and pachislot markets. The Onihama game uses an MLD manufactured and developed for pachislot by Sanyo Electric System Solutions Co.,Ltd.

"Abilit Corporation's success with its new Onihama game provides further validation of the value our technology can bring to commercial applications," said PureDepth CEO Andy Wood. "The game's success is attributable to its rich storyline and action which are maximized by the dramatic effects and features of MLD technology."

With its recent appointment of veteran electronics executive Yutaka (Taka) Nagata as the company's Vice President and General Manager for Japan and the opening of an office in the Otemachi district of central Tokyo, PureDepth will work with existing and new customers in the region to maximize the company's cutting edge technology and ensure new product enhancements from PureDepth are available to today's growing 3-D and visual display market spaces.

"We believe the pachinko/pachislot market in Japan is one of many markets where our MLD technology can enhance the eye-catching graphics demanded by users," said Wood. "We are pleased to have a strong relationship with Sanyo to assist us with the manufacture, sale and distribution of MLDs in this market and we are looking forward to their future success with our technology in the pachinko/pachioslot market and, hopefully in other markets such as digital signage in the near future."

PureDepth's MLD technology adds real depth-not perceived depth-to visual content, so consumers can enjoy 3-D-like imagery without wearing special glasses. MLD technology offers the most lifelike and most useful visual experience ever available, providing an intense color, high-contrast experience with lifelike detail.

The effect is created by placing layers of display panels placed in front of one another in a single monitor, with patented technology used to remove interference. Viewers using an MLD-powered device will see data or images on the front display screen while simultaneously viewing images displayed on the panel(s) behind.

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