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September 24, 2021

There are several points that require work and detail

The Federal Betting Law not to be approved in Mexico on the current period

(Mexico).- The president of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Representatives, Octavio Martínez Vargas, discarded that the new Federal Law with Games and Draws will be approved in the current ordinary session period.


artínez Vargas considered that there are several unfinished points that require work and detail, such as the fact that SEGOB should authorize the operating licenses for betting centers in Mexico.

Coordinator of the Sub-Commission of Games and Draws, Armando García Méndez, informed that, on the following week, it will be ready the final project of the new law, so, in case they reach consensus, it could be approved.

On the matter, Martínez Vargas considered: "I have the impression that they are very accelerated, because maybe they feel that they are running out of time to approve the initiative, which includes interesting issues, but there are other subjects that are not planned and they are important, too,” he said.

He commented that it is very important to verify and control the origin and certification of the gambling machines. "There are around 150,000 machines at a national level, totalizing games of chance, games of skill and slots”. Up to date, he added, there are more than 200,000 betting houses in Mexico, and SEGOB has 400 requests to operate other licenses.

With regards to the money laundering, he said that it is necessary to have outlines of control so investments and participants have the certainty of the origin of the resources. "This issue has to be revised with more seriousness,” he underlined.

He commented that studies were performed in more than 120 betting houses that operate in the whole national territory and it resulted that they do not have previous licenses. Besides, they have to set measures to control gambling problems that must also be performed by Internet.

Horse races and cock fighting held in some regional events must also be regulated, and it must also be held more control on players, in the origin of resources and also count with records of winners and losers.

Another pending point, he indicated, that the Secretary of Economy must participate in an active manner in this process, in order to avoid that money is involved in the organized crime.

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