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June 24, 2021

There were errors in the two offers presented

Paraguay: Conajzar annuls the tender of the second casino in Asunción

(Paraguay).- Alleging failures in the offers presented by the two consortiums, in the technical, financial and legal aspects, Patricia Marchewska, head of the National Games of Chance Commission, announced that the entity chose to declare void the call to the tender.


fter six hours of debate, finally Conajzar decided to reject last week the total of the offers presented for the tender of the second casino in Asunción. “Documents presented by candidates have been analyzed and failures have been detected, in the technical and financial aspects, as well as in legal aspects,” commented Patricia Marchewska, head of the games of chance regulatory entity.

She added that the 15-year period of the tender requires that the companies chosen comply with all the financial and legal requirements stipulated and that they also have the necessary qualifications and capacity to carry on with the contract.

“It has also been decided the call to a new tender as soon as possible, in which the principles of economy, equity, free competence and transparency are strictly applied”, commented Marchewska.

The president of the entity explained that she decided to remain silent since the day she assumed the position because she complied with the Law 2051 of Public Hiring, with regards to the principle of confidentiality of the tender processes. She explained that, after a careful analysis of the statements, both financial and legal, the members of the commission put the case to vote, and the result was 3 to 2.

Marchewska did not want to individualize the members of the council that voted for one or the other option, in order to avoid further manipulations and guarantee the independence of the tasks of the regulatory entity, she explained.

When asked about the details of the failures pointed to reject the offers of the two consortiums La Gloria Hotelería-Hotelera Emprender and Starnet-Casinos del Litoral, Marchewska said that the resolution on the matter will be issued before the beginning of the next session.

Although they explain that the decision of the entity is based in the need to comply faithfully the requirements pointed in the bases and conditions, the decision to declare the tender void benefits the only casino that currently operates in Asunción, which is Worest, located in Avenues España and Sacramento, and which has, as main sponsor, Senator Juan Carlos Galaverna.

That was the aim of the firm connected to the legislator, to delay the opening of a new casino in Asunción and so avoid the competence. The firm had bought the document with the terms and conditions and applied to the tender, but was disqualified because it did not present a document with its VAT compliance.

Worest demanded the annulment of the tender, and so the speaker of the consortium La Gloria Hotelera-Hotelera Emprender, one of the applicants, had declared that it existed an open intention of certain sectors to stop the whole process.

In a note that had been presented by the firm SES, they pointed that the consortium Starnet-Casinos del Litoral, during the opening of offers, had not exhibited the VAT payment or an affidavit.

When asked about the request of nullity presented by SES, the head of Conajzar said that it has nothing to do with the decision taken by the entity.

Conajzar also informed last week that it had granted the operating license of the game of chance called “Telebingo”, for a five-year period, to the firm Chena Ventures Paraguay SA. The also approved the operating license of a horse racetrack in Asunción to the entity Jockey Club from Paraguay, for 10 years.

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