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June 23, 2021

Don Baugh, CEO and General Manager of Gaming Support USA

“As CEO, I plan to continue to focus the company on providing the highest standards for our products and services”

(US, Exclusive interviewed Don Baugh, who was recently appointed as CEO and General Manager of Gaming Support USA. He talked about the expectations on his new role and the main challenges he will have to face within the current worldwide economic crisis. He also talked about the current situation of the US market and the future goals of the company.


hat are your expectations in the new role as CEO of Gaming Support USA?

I am very excited about taking on this role. I have spent most of my career on the technical side of the business so being in the position that allows me to affect the direction we head is very desirable to me. We are still a growing company with a huge amount of potential. We have obtained a number of regulatory approvals for the company and our products and are actively working on obtaining more. This is essential to broaden our sales market in the US.

What is your experience in the company and which will be the main tasks in the new role?

I joined the company in 2004 when Gaming Support made the decision to enter the US market and opened the Las Vegas office. My primary role was focused on the technical side of the business; ensuring products meet high levels of expectation and ensuring customers receive the highest level of support.

As CEO, I plan to continue to focus the company on providing the highest standards for our products and services. Being a technology based company, it is important for us to develop new products using the latest technology while ensuring the products are properly tested and ready for the market. We have a great team of people working here doing just that. I know we can be very responsive to the needs of the gaming community.

What are the main challenges you have to face, considering the current worldwide economic crisis?

There are so many challenges we are facing in this crisis. In our limited picture of the crisis, we see slashed customer budgets, business contacts that no longer exist and companies just trying to weather out the economic storm. I feel it is even more essential in these times to provide the best customer service available. The customer’s budget may be non-existent and unable to purchase today. That doesn’t mean we are going to ignore them but rather work with them to help map out a plan for future purchases that will fit their needs and budget.

We have several product lines, JackpotJunction and BonusBox in particular that have proven to increase game play, helping the bottom line. We offer these products to the customer as tools they can use to attract a little more play to help in their recovery.

We want to help the customer be successful and we will be successful as well.

How do you see the current situation of the casino and gambling market in US?

There’s no denying the economy has had a drastic effect on the industry. I am still waiting like most people for the signs that the recovery has started. I’m optimistic that it is not too far down the road but I feel it will be a slow climb. There’s still business taking place out there but we have to take extra effort to work with the customer to help them with their recovery by making the right decisions for the right products while keeping within their budget.

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