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With the aim to protect casinos installed in the country

The installation of 2,500 slots in horse-race agencies suspended in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
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López made a presentation before representatives of the Tourist Association, promoting the approval of several tourist projects, and though he did not identify the developments, he confirmed that the projects would add 5,000 to 6,000 rooms to the current number of hotel units. The officer said: “The best raw material that Puerto Rico has goes to Singapore or Ireland. It is El Yunque, the beaches, and we have to develop alternatives to attract the worldwide traveler”.

The Tourist Company has committed to protect the financial stability of the casinos belonging to hotels, preventing the expansion of other companies specialized in games of chance, with the support of the government, that has set a moratorium to stop the installation of 2,000 video lottery slots in horse-race agencies.

López explained: "The casino operations are suffering a decrease in their incomes due to other gaming modalities as video lottery. An infrastructure of offer has to be developed at a regional level.”

On top of bringing a detail of several initiatives to market in Puerto Rico through millionaire investments in TV adverts, López also pointed the importance of transforming San Juan, the capital of the country, in an urban destination that may compete with other cities such as Miami, Panama City and Cartagena.

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