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June 25, 2021

Statements by John Edmunds, VP of International Sales of the company

"FutureLogic continues to invest in delivering innovative printing solutions to the global gaming industry"

(UK, exclusive FutureLogic introduced two new products in IGE 09: TableXchange and Eclipse, with a great response from the exhibition’s visitors. John Edmunds, VP of International Sales, says it was one of the best shows ever, and also comments about the company’s plans for the near future, including new opportunities for existing core TITO technologies.


hat new products or releases did FutureLogic decide to showcase at London’s IGE 2009?

FutureLogic demonstrated two brand new products at London’s IGE 2009. The first product is called TableXchange a revolutionary table device designed specifically to enable players to use Cashout vouchers at table games. TableXchange connects table games to a casino’s existing TITO network by scanning and printing TITO vouchers. This technology creates a common currency across the casino, creates a bridge between slots and tables, and helps casinos identify valuable crossover players. TableXchange further streamlines casino operations by virtually eliminating the need to replenish chips at table games. TableXchange is also fitted with a Magstripe reader to record and update Player’s Club Cards, enabling players to receive loyalty points for activity at table games.

The second product is called Eclipse, a heavy duty thermal printer designed specifically to operate at very high speeds and last in harsh environments. Designed with security in mind, Eclipse printers feature an ‘Eject & Retractable’ presenter that will retract unclaimed receipts in an auxiliary tray. Along with industry-best throughput of 200mm/sec, extreme temperature and humidity ranges of -30°C to +70°C and 5% to 95% relative humidity, and a robust presenter to match, the Eclipse offers superior ruggedness, performance and security, that’s ideal for the latest generation of demanding applications

How did you see the show? Was it a positive event for FutureLogic?

The show ended up being one of our best ever which was surprising given the current economic climate and availability of credit for large capital projects. We found that most of the major manufacturers and casino operators were represented at the show but they had simply brought fewer people.

These people were generally the key decision makers anyway so our experience was that we had a much higher proportion of really productive meetings. It made great use of the limited time available over the three days.

The company has recently announced new corporate appointments for different international markets. Which is the company’s strategy to keep growing in 2009?

FutureLogic continues to invest in delivering innovative printing solutions to the global gaming industry. Since setting up FutureLogic Europe Ltd. in 2004 we have seen significant growth in our international businesses and have developed several new technologies which we are now in the process of launching around the world. To do this requires responsive global support and effective local knowledge. Bringing Fivos and Alfred on board with their extensive network of relationships significantly strengthens our position in Europe and Asia and provides a new powerhouse to help launch our new technologies.

Do you think the international economic crisis will affect FutureLogic’s plans in the short term?

FutureLogic has supported the growth of TITO for the last 10 years and continues to be at the forefront of bringing innovative printing solutions to the gaming industry. In a time when many casino projects are getting delayed, casinos are looking for innovative ways to maximize profitability.

Adapting existing systems infrastructure to incorporate promotional couponing capability is just one of the ways that FutureLogic is working with casinos to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and player loyalty programmes.

Is there any specific market that can be more interesting for the company in 2009?

In addition to trialing our latest technologies, we are also working on several new opportunities for existing core TITO technologies. FutureLogic has the advantage of working with an experienced and talented network of technology partners and distributors around the world, enabling us to provide global support and local knowledge exactly where it’s needed.

FutureLogic offers industry leading customer service and technical support for both OEMs and Casinos through a coordinated network of FutureLogic and distributor offices in 11 countries around the world.

How would you describe the presence of the firm in Latin America and how important is that market for FutureLogic?

Latin America is a very important market for FutureLogic. Over the last few years we have seen considerable growth in TITO technology across the region as casino operators see the benefits of moving to an anonymous ticket-based coinless system which we expect to continue through 2009 and 2010.

Players enjoy being able to see the value of their winnings on the ticket and casinos enjoy the performance and reliability of FutureLogic printers – no breakdowns no problems.

Our local sales service and distribution partners in Latin America, Suzo Americas, have a strong and extensive network of relationships across the industry and we look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver FutureLogic’s innovative printing solutions to the Latin American market.

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