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September 24, 2021

Interview to GPI executives Christophe Leparoux and Nicolas Dienot

"GPI has a very global presence, with turnover on the five continents"

(UK, Exclusive With live demonstrations, Gaming Partners International (GPI) showcased a RFID orientated stand in London. Christophe Leparoux -International Sales and Marketing Manager- and Nicolas Dienot -Area Sales Manager Mediterranean, Latin America & Caribbean- comment about the participation of the firm at IGE and the perspectives of the company for 2009.


hat is the firm presenting here in London? You have a global presence with business in Asia, in the US, so which is the most important thing you are showcasing here?

Christophe Leparoux: The booth is RFID orientated. We have more applications, more readers, RFID orientated booth in high and low frequency, so now we have a very large platform in terms of RFID chips, RFID readers and also software and applications. So that’s were we are putting here the main focus. And this year we changed it a bit because we have more applications so we’ve got three demonstration areas clearly identified, with live demonstrations.

Which is the feedback you received from the visitors?

CL: It was very good because it’s very difficult to demonstrate RFID because there are a lot of functionalities and different applications. We try to show all here in our stand, and the customer appreciates that we do some demonstrations and the explanation of all the applications we provide.

That is the a better way to show your products…

CL: It is. We had been doing this for three years. But now we have one main area and three specific areas.

How do you see the show this year?

CL: Well, we had a good first day, considering the difficult times. During the 8 hours we had a very steady flow of customers and visitors, and the good thing is that all the people we saw were key decision makers. Everybody passed by: senior managers, operators, so I got in touch with key decision-makers, which is very good. And we had very good feedback with companies in the area.

What can you tell me about this international financial crisis and how do you think it will affect the gaming industry? And, Is the company planning something specific to face it?

CL: Well, it’s hard to say now; of course we can see that, at some markets, there is a slowdown in the activity, while some others remain steady. We are lucky enough to have a very “spread” market. We have turnover on the five continents, so we have a very global presence. We do not have “all the eggs in the same basket,” I would say, so hopefully, we expect to handle the present situation. At the moment we are working to have confidence in the five continents.

Talking about an specific market, how is the company positioned in Latin America and what plans do you have for this year?

Nicloa Dienot: Of course London is not the most important show for the Latin American markets but still we have our Spanish customers that come and tell us about their projects in South America for this year.

We have projects in Rosario (Argentina) for this year and we will have the first RFID casino installation in Venezuela and Colombia, this year, too. In both cases, we are in the process of making deals in the two countries. So after Argentina, we are moving to other markets. Besides, our firm will be present at the trade show in Bogota and then in Aruba to strength our presence in the region.

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