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October 26, 2021

Barney Frank predicts changes befote the end of the year

New moves to legalise online poker in USA

(US).- US Democrat, Barney Frank, has revealed to a major British newspaper his plans to turn back the clock on stringent anti-online gambling laws in the US. The UIGEA was hurriedly pushed through by the leaving Republican government just one day before President Obama was inaugurated.


ince the law was passed in 2006 the ramifications have been felt across the industry. The laws against online gambling were severely tightened and even resulted in arrests of some executives in US airports.

The laws have caused major sites and networks such as PartyGaming, OnGame and Microgaming to cease accepting US players to their sites.

“I expect an Obama Department of Justice to be less zealous about locking people up. These outrageous arrests in transit - they should be stopping that stuff,” Frank said.

Although the laws were officially in force from January 19, the day before President Elect Obama became President Obama, they do not need to be obeyed until December.

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