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September 27, 2021

Matjaz Petek, Marketing and sales manager of Alfastreet Gaming Instruments

"Alfastreet has presented the largest ever portfolio of products during this year London's show"

(Exclusive from London, UK).- Matjaz Petek, Marketing and sales Manager of Alfastreet Gaming Instruments, assisted to recent IGE event, where the firm presented a large portfolio of products. He commented the novelties and the strategy of the firm to keep growing in 2009, and also talked about the Latin American markets and the current worldwide crisis.


lfaStreet exhibited a wide range of products in London’s show. Which was the feedback received from visitors and potential clients?

Alfastreet has presented the largest ever portfolio of products during this year London show. In this way we have shown the strength of the company and our commitment towards the global market. The feedback from our customers was excellent and the large attendance on our booth is a proof of the good moment of the company.

One of the novelties introduces was the TAGO. Which are the main features of this new game?

Alfastreet has the exclusivity on TAGO’ game, which is a new game of chance created by a group of Swiss gaming conosceurs. The game itself resembles to Poker and Baccarat game and it’s very challenging and appealing to players.

It is also a challenge for us to bring a completely new game into the market, but the strong appeal of the brand Alfastreet and the fact that we this game shares the same platform with the Poker machine will definitively help the introduction.

With the introduction of the TAGO’ game we are showing our innovation spirit that was always one of the characteristics of Alfastreet brand.

The other products on display were a new and completely redesigned Keno and Bingo multi-player, Sic Bo multi-player, the classic and very popular R8 roulette multi-player, a Video Baccarat game and Texas Hold’em Poker table.

How did you see the show? Was it a positive event for Alfastreet?

The show was very positive for Alfastreet. This is still the most important show in the calendar for us and a perfect place to meet important customers.

Which is the company’s strategy to keep growing in 2009?

The 2009 will be a difficult year for the industry; we all know that by now. This will probably not be a year of growth, but a year of finding new, alternative opportunities to prepare the future growth. Year’s of crisis are years of biggest opportunities - if you can spot them! Here I can see Alfastreet in a very good position compared to the competition.

Do you think the international economic crisis will affect Alfastreet's plans in the short term?

This is as always a difficult question. We hope that it won’t, but we know that it will! Our measures against the crisis are: devotion towards the customer, high quality products and new innovative sales techniques.

How would you describe the presence of the firm in Latin America and how important is that market for Alfastreet?

Latin American markets are very important for Alfastreet and one of our biggest bets for the future. We have a special and very good relationship with the operators in the area and they know the quality of our products. We have launched a very successful operation in Mexico and we are looking to expand it into whole Latin America.

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