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September 20, 2021

Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, Director of Automated Transactions

"With the new products we launched, we aim to target new market sectors"

(UK, exclusive Within the latest edition of London event, Mustapaha Hadj-Ahmed, Director of Automated Transactions, talked to about the products presented in IGE, the balance of their assistance to the show and their expectations for 2009.


hat did Automated Transactions present in IGE 2009?

This year we decided to present all our range of products: NV10, NV9, BV20, BV50, BV10 y NV200.

How were the products and novelties received by the visitors?

The truth is that very well, especially the NV200 model, which is a reader for top machines.

How do you evaluate the participation of Innovative Technology in the 2009 edition of London event? How did you see the event this year?

This participation was very positive. Perhaps we did not have so many visitors as previous years, but they showed a great interest in our products.

Starting a new season, How do you evaluate 2008?

I think that, despite the current situation affected by the international crisis that we all know, we had a good year because we complied with our goals.

What expectations do you have for 2009?

We hope that, with the new products we launched, we could target new market sectors that allow us to increase sales.

In a challenging year due to the current crisis, What is Automated Transactions strategy to deal with it?

I think there are two clues: diversification and product. As I told you before, entering into new sectors and launching products that open new markets, we will be better positioned to face the crisis.

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