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October 17, 2021

John Gevisser, Betstone Head of Business Development and Sales

"We like that operators begin to challenge us asking for new developments related with SBG"

(UK).- John Gevisser, Betstone Head of Business Development and Sales, comments about the experience of the company at IGE in London, the products showcased and the response from visitors. He also talked about server-based gaming technology and the challenges for the current year, considering the global economic crisis.


ow was the experience for Betstone of being here in the London show and the response from visitors?

IGE is always a good show. I think because it’s more central than G2E and it seems to bring in more visitors. For us, more of our clients attend this show than the American show, so it’s really an important event, and it also gives us a great opportunity at the beginning of the year to show our new products.

What products are you showcasing here?

We have certain new games, we’ve got “Lara Croft Tomb Rider”, which is developed on a standalone platform we launched five years ago but now is launched on a server-based gaming platform and it has a fantastic performance already. And we’ve got “Treasure Bonus”, which is a new game, and then we’ve got a few four-level progressives, which allows you to have a local progressive and a wide-area progressive at the same time. That will be launched in the next few weeks. So, we can say we have beautiful content and technology in a background which is dynamic and changing all the time.

Everybody talks about server-based gaming. How is the technology positioned in the market? Is it as it should be or it has more field to go to?

I think it will always have more room to develop. I mean is a dynamic system, so it will always be getting more sophisticated, and delivering more games and more functionality to casino owners. There are more and more people, more and more operators taking on server-based gaming, and that’s because more of the major businesses like ours are marketing and showing it off.

And they understand the benefits of this technology.

And now not only operators understand the benefits but they are also starting to push us to say that, if we can do this with the system, for instance, if we can track players with the system, why can we not bonus them and track the bonusing at the same time.

Those are good challenges for you?

And we want that, and we have a development team that can adapt quickly, and to the good use we can do with this, adapting and changing, changing the system and operating it without affecting the play, as players play at the casino. That’s all in the background. It still allows us to do amazing things like the things we launched, a new game Lara Croft two weeks ago, who was launched in all the places at the same time. We like that operators begin to challenge us asking for new developments related with server based gaming.

Was 2008 a good year for the company? Which are the plans for this challenging 2009?

2008 was a very good year for us. We consolidated a lot our growth and I think we will be affected by the recession but, you know, it is not as negative as it is in other industries. Our business has been able to adapt. I think 2009 challenge will be mainly with regards to economy and it affects all the different markets as well, but I believe that you are going to see maybe 20 more games out of this year and more functionality with the systems. So I think we are going to grow in certain ways.

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