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June 20, 2021

Tracy Cohen, TCS John Huxley's Marketing Manager

"TCS John Huxley has been at the forefront of developing a new form of live table gaming"

(, Exclusive from London, UK).- Tracy Cohen, marketing manager of TCS John Huxley, granted an interview to and talked about the presence of the company in recent IGE show. She commented the performance of the firm, the products presented, the feedback received from visitors and also the plans for 2009 within the current global economic crisis.


GE is always an important show for TCS John Huxley. How did you see this year’s edition?

Although we are a global company, the London show is where our headquarters are located and has always been regarded as one of our most important events. IGE has the largest audience of international visitors and historically we have found this event to be attended by serious buyers, where perhaps some of the other international shows are viewed as showcases.

Which was the feedback received from visitors?

There was some concern coming into IGE that attendance would be down as reflected in recent shows. However, we found that although visitor numbers were undoubtedly reduced, the important decision makers attended and feedback has been positive.

What new products did TCS John Huxley release?

We launched some great products at IGE that focus on providing that all-important “added value” to operators by increasing incremental revenue, maximizing operational efficiency and creating excitement for the players, keeping them at the tables for longer.

Key products launched at IGE included, Novo Unity II – a new platform for the future of multi-player gaming. Novo Unity II delivers total flexibility, allowing operators to make available any number and combination of Novomatic, live, automated and virtual casino multi-player games on individual electronic player terminals.

AccuPLAY Live Draw Poker is a revolutionary touch screen live card table, offering real card action at electronic speed. Live Draw Poker enables a large number of players to participate in a single game and as such represents an extremely cost-efficient business model for casinos. By incorporating the highly successful casino game of Draw Poker with the live game AccuPLAY platform, we are able to provide all the benefits of hybrid gaming offering a major advantage to operators in this competitive sector.

New also for 2009, the latest addition to the e-FX range of winning number displays. e-FX Insignia uses multimedia to present gaming results, game history and winning streaks, as well as audio and video to help attract players to gaming tables.

TCS John Huxley product innovations are not confined to high tech, high spec products. AccuLevel is a quick and easy solution that simply attaches to any Roulette wheel. It’s patent pending design enables a single member of casino staff to quickly level and rotate the wheel on a regular basis without the need to adjust electronic winning number reading devices.

Which is the balance you can make about recent ended 2008?

2008 was a positive year for us as two of our key new products, MultiPLAY Roulette and AccuPLAY enjoyed huge success when rolled out in the UK and across Europe, especially Bulgaria. This is set to continue in 2009 as MultiPLAY Roulette has just been awarded GLI approval which will enable a global roll-out in specific regulated areas.

2009 seems to be a year inevitable that will be affected by the economic international crisis. How do you think it will affect the gaming industry in general and TCS John Huxley in particular?

The coming year will pose challenges for us all, but we will continue to work closely with operators to ensure we provide them with products and services that are worthy of investment. As casino operators across the globe strive to maximize their revenue potential, TCS John Huxley have been at the forefront of developing a new form of live table gaming.

With its unique ability to fuse technology and tradition products, TCS John Huxley has been working closely with numerous operators to develop a range of touch screen multi player table game products that still uphold the true essence of live gaming. All these games feature hybrid electronic game platforms and live game content that allows players to play against a live roulette wheel, dice shaker or card shoe but strike the perfect balance between the thrill of live gaming and the advantages of electronic betting.

This is a trend that is shared in all major gaming territories. The added game security, increased speed and ease of play guarantees excitement for players and the improved profits that operators are searching for.

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