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September 24, 2021

Interview to Mariano Mariño, International Sales Manager South America of WMS

"2008 was a record year for WMS"

(UK, exclusive Within the International Gaming Expo, interviewed in exclusive Mariano Mariño, International Sales Manager South America of WMS, who gave his opinion about the event, held in London January 27-29, and talked about how the firm will face the international global crisis.


n the context of this crisis, How do you think it may affect gaming and what will WMS do to face it?

European, Asian and US markets are all affected by the crisis. It is a reality and we, as I imagine every company will do, will have to do something to reach the budget. The truth is that WMS is not affected, but we still have to be careful because we are in a context that may affect us, that’s why all the measures needed will be taken. We have a company that is financially healthy and economically very strong, so we have resources and, in case it is necessary, we’ll use.

Which is 2008 balance?

2008 was a record year for WMS.

The idea is to try to maintain these numbers or Will it be something complicated to achieve?

When a balance is closed, the next year is budgeted. We have not considered the current crisis when we planned the budget, considering that this crisis is relatively new. The first two quarters we have had a good performance, so we are positive.

Is there any special market you wish to target with more emphasis this year?

None in particular. We bet strongly to all the continents. We are well positioned in Africa, in Asia, we are well positioned in Europe, North America, South America. We are well, so far, we cannot say we are bad in any of those places. That’s why we do not bet to any market in particular, we bet to all of them.

How did you see London event? What feedback did you have?

There are customers we haven’t seen. In fact, I know there are people who have sent e-mails, especially European, that have announced they would not come to the show due to economic reasons. It is evident that this crisis is starting to affect operations.

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