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September 27, 2021

Gavin Isaacs, Bally Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer

"If we keep focus on the customer, we’ll drive through this crisis and will come stronger than ever"

(, exclusive from London, UK).- interviewed Gavin Isaacs, Bally Technologies’ Chief Operating Officer, within the show IGE ’09 that was held this week in London. He commented on the main developments presented, the response of the public, the current economic crisis and how is Bally facing it.


his year you have your usual stand plus another one. You have brought more products. What are the main developments Bally is presenting here in London?

Well, in systems, we brought a wide range of solutions, including the display of our Multi-Connect, the new internationalized SDS on Microsoft Windows, and Casino Marketplace systems. And so we have a whole separated area now, with MCC being the major player in Europe and Bally being globally, it’s important that we have a big system show. We came back because everything has been very effective and it’s been working well.

What is the response of the people?

It is good because we can actually try it, we can see the work, it’s very good. It is a good focus for the systems.

And what about games? What is Bally presenting?

From the games’ perspective, obviously, we brought some of the key products that we launched in G2E, with a wide variety of new, best-in-class video and stepper slots. We have our DualVision multi-player gaming platform based on our popular CineVision gaming cabinet; Playboy titles, plus a new range of videos. The response has been excellent.

How do you see the show? This is a particular year with this crisis. Which has been the feedback so far?

Well, under the circumstances the feedback I think has been very good, You know, not as many people, but the people who are here are the ones who seem to make the decisions, which is good. Obviously the decisions are not as big as they were last year, but we will work this through, and I think Bally is, with all its fundamentals, going very well and previewing all the time. So, as we continue to bring more products down on floors, we are under-represented, in particular in Europe, so we will continue to drive this through, and we are excited.

Does Bally have any plan to face the crisis this year?

Well, as I said, we feel we are still under-represented. I’ll keep focused to continue to focus on the customer, to continuously improve. And if we do that, we fell we’ll drive through this crisis and will come stronger than ever.

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