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October 17, 2021

Daniel Lindsay, General Manager Sales and Marketing Europe

"Aristocrat is dedicating a lot of resources to deliver new products to the European market"

(Exclusive from London, UK).- Daniel Lindsay, General Manager Sales and Marketing Europe of Aristocrat, granted an interview to within IGE 09. There, he talked about the novelties that the firm is presenting at the trade event, the feedback received by visitors, the current situation of the firm in Europe and the future plans, considering the international financial crisis.


hat novelties is Aristocrat presenting here in London? What are the new releases for the local market and for Europe in general?

It is one of the shows in which we are releasing more new products ever. We’ve got 15 new games on Viridian platform, 8 new games on Xcite platform; we’ve got Double Standalone Progressive machines for Viridian and Xcite. We’ve also got a new XTreme Mystery Link for Viridian called Sky Heroes, and kind of leading the chart is Bank Buster, which is Aristocrat’s third Gen 7-dedicated Hyperlink boasting six bonus features and a four-level jackpot. So all-together we’ve got a lot of new products. They are not available for every single one of the markets in Europe, but there are a lot of local new products.

What was the feedback received by the visitors and potential clients?

I think the thing here is that we’ve seen that there are less people here than in previous years, but the quality of the people that came to visit us is much better. But as far as the perception of consumers, the fact is that Aristocrat is dedicating a lot of resources to deliver new products to the European market, so what I’m trying to say is that we are focused on producing a lot more games and a lot more products.

How do you evaluate the position of the company in Europe and which are the plans for this year?

Well, ultimately we charge on sales and our sales are driven by our game performance, which allow us to get more market share. And plus, I suppose the focus for the near future… you see, there are very challenging times at the moment, so we put together a very aggressive set of promotions which are running for the show only, and with that game performance in the new game we are launching, we are hopeful to get to a strong result in the next course of this year.

We will also be showing the a street machine for Spain. It is the first time we are showing it in London. The Spanish machine is a key product for us.

And how do you think this international economic crisis can affect the gaming industry in general? And is the company planning anything special to face it?

There’s not much I can do to improve the economy, unfortunately, and the economy is cyclical, so we are going through a downside cycle which will be fairly shallow and fairly quick to recover, and obviously, when people are affected by the deterioration of the economy, the discretionary expense is affected. And what we need to do in Europe is to focus on specific markets, because not every single one of these markets is suffering the same. So what we need to do is to try to identify the markets that aren’t struggled so much for the crisis.

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